See Henry Cavill As Frankenstein’s Monster For Universal’s New Movie

Henry Cavill is Frankenstein's Monster in this fan art.

By Chris Snellgrove | Updated

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Previously, we broke the exclusive story that Henry Cavill was in early talks with Universal Pictures about playing Frankenstein‘s monster, their most famous monster, for an upcoming film. At the time, the actor did not want to be forever associated with the character of Superman, and now that James Gunn gave Cavill the boot from the DCU, he is potentially free to take on ambitious roles such as Frankenstein. And to help imagine what that would look like, a fan took to Instagram to share different visions of what Cavill might look like playing this horror icon.

What’s fun about these different pictures is that they give us slightly different visions of what Henry Cavill’s Frankenstein monster would look like. The first image is a new spin on an old favorite, showing us a black-and-white image of the actor as he might have appeared in the original Universal Pictures movies that came out so long ago. And speaking of movies, this image looks like it would make for a great cover for the inevitable Blu-Ray release.

The second image adds a pop of color, helping us to see Henry Cavill’s Frankenstein monster in (quite literally) a different light. The warm tones around the actor help to underscore how pasty and sallow his skin looks. And his piercing eyes pop out of sunken sockets, helping more than anything else to make this famously-handsome face look like it belongs to a monster from another era.

The third image of Henry Cavill as Frankenstein’s monster is quite different from the others: instead of focusing on his face, this image shows his nude body, though the artist was careful not to show anything naughty (in case you were hoping to see something that might make you exclaim “it’s alive”). In fact, there is nothing titillating about the image because it envisions Cavill’s ripped Superman physique as wounded, yellowing, and…well…like a reanimated monster. His face, too, is very different in this image, coming across as more of a confused caveman than anything else.

The last two images of Henry Cavill are the most realistic, looking like they might have come straight out of a professional’s concept art for this Frankenstein movie. Interestingly, these images are a bit less monstrous than the others, with Cavill looking much more like himself with a bit of weird makeup and bad hair. Honestly, if you showed these last two images to someone unfamiliar with Cavill possibly working with Universal, they might think he was in the running to play as The Crow rather than Frankenstein’s monster.

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At this point, Henry Cavill fans would probably just be happy to see the actor step into the shoes of another successful franchise. In a terrible twist of fate, he left The Witcher in part because he was set to return as Superman, and then James Gunn cast him out of the DCU quicker than Superman cast Zod and crew into the Phantom Zone back in the ‘80s. Now that we know he won’t be in Highlander either, it will be that much more rewarding if the same bolt of lightning that brings Frankenstein’s monster to life also revives Cavill’s career.