Henry Cavill Has Discussed Trading Superman For Another DC Hero, Our Report Confirmed

James Gunn has confirmed our exclusive report; the DC Co-CEO talked to Henry Cavill about a new, non-Superman role in the DCU.

By Jonathan Klotz | Updated

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Our trusted and proven sources have again been confirmed, this time straight from James Gunn himself. Weeks ago we reported that Gunn talked about other DC roles for Henry Cavill besides Superman. Today James Gunn let everyone know on Twitter that this was true.

In our original report on the discussions Henry Cavill was having, we never said who Henry Cavill was talking about playing. As we said then we did not know, only that there were discussions. We did make a wild guess that the role could be Frankenstein’s Monster in the Creature Commandos movie but were always clear that part was just a wild guess.

Somehow things got muddled and several outlets began claiming we’d said Henry Cavill was playing Frankenstein’s monster (we did not). Word got around to James Gunn and in his response to a fan on Twitter, the Co-CEO of the DCU shot down the Creature Commando speculation while admitting that Cavill may still be part of the new DCU.

What may have been confusing is that Henry Cavill is in talks to play Frankenstein’s Monster, just for Universal Pictures and not the DCU. It’s just one of many post-Superman roles that the acclaimed British actor is in discussions for, which, amazingly, can now be confirmed to include another superhero role. Given the response to our initial exclusive report, any speculation done here will make its way to James Gunn, so about starting a rumor that he’s playing the new Hal Jordan?

At the very least, we might get more information about the secretive Green Lantern series, and at best, we get the former Superman to take on DC‘s premier space cop. While the Ryan Reynolds movie is one of the biggest box office bombs in history, the Green Lantern Corp has a rich history in the comics to draw from, primarily the work of Geoff Johns, who revitalized the franchise with his multi-colored take on the power rings.

Guessing who Henry Cavill talked about playing could go on forever, given the thousands of potential characters and Gunn’s ability to elevate the forgotten C-list heroes, from Rocket Raccoon to Peacemaker. Along those lines, could Henry Cavill play Adam Strange, the Zeta-Beam displaced hero of Rann? The science-fiction hero debuted in 1958 and has been used sparingly in the post-Crisis DC Universe, making him the perfect sort of character Gunn could turn into a success.

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Henry Cavill as Superman

That’s not confirming that he is playing Adam Strange, or Hal Jordan for that matter, as the only exclusive we touched on is that Henry Cavill talked about coming back as someone else. It would be jarring to see the latest Man of Steel in another role, and fans on Twitter swarmed over James Gunn saying that very thing. Going from the perfect Superman to someone like Adam Strange would be tough to see and quite confusing for the casual audience.

In the meantime, all we know about Cavill’s upcoming projects is that he’s bringing Warhammer 40,000 to Amazon Prime. That has been confirmed, but the other roles we’ve reported he’s discussing include Captain Price in Call of Duty, Spider-Man UK for Sony’s growing Spider-Verse, and a reunion with his The Man From U.N.C.L.E. director Matthew Vaughn. Any of those could fall through for any reason, his IMDB page doesn’t list any of the preliminary discussions, just as the talks for another DC role could lead to nothing, but the discussion is happening.

Henry Cavill’s time as Superman was cut short, and instead of three movies, only one of which was a solo film, we should have been treated to a solo trilogy and at least three Justice League films. Even if Cavill does come back, it will just serve as a reminder of how poorly handled his tenure was as one of the greatest superheroes ever.