See Henry Cavill As Marvel’s Captain Britain

By Hayden Mears | 5 months ago

henry cavill

It is always great when fans create their own spins on popular characters. From Twitter artists giving Super Smash Bros. fighters a superheroic makeover to fan art depicting a struggle between Black Panther, Namor the Sub-Mariner, and Doctor Doom, pop culture is a bottomless well of creativity from which anyone can pull ideas or riff off pre-existing creations. And now, a new piece of Instagram fan art featuring Henry Cavill is making the rounds following some exciting rumors.

Instagrammer _artkin_ posted a stunning interpretation of Henry Cavill as Marvel character Captain Britain, citing recent whispers that Marvel approached the actor about the role. Nothing has been confirmed, so for now it’s best to be careful. Check out the original image, which stands well on its own regardless of how true the rumors turn out to be…

Wow. That is gorgeously detailed artwork, and it’s more than enough to get any self-respecting fan of the character at least a little bit excited.

Okay, context time for Henry Cavill fans who may not know what we’re talking about. Captain Britain, also known as Brian Braddock, first appeared in 1976’s Captain Britain Weekly #1, a popular series which ended up attracting unforgettable talent such as writers Alan Moore and Chris Claremont and artist Alan Davis. Armed with powers gifted to him by Merlyn and his daughter Roma, Captain Britain fights to enforce British values. The series was originally going to be available only in Britain, and it is actually unknown who created the character. John Romita Sr. is a name that pops up frequently in this context due to the fact that he was actively creating several characters for Marvel around the same time Captain Britain Weekly debuted on stands. It will be interesting to see if we ever find out who is credited with creating Captain Britain.

Henry Cavill is perhaps most widely known for his portrayal of Superman/Clark Kent in the big-screen DC Extended Universe, but his turns as the villainous John Lark in Mission Impossible: Fallout and the heroic Geralt of Rivia in Netflix’s highly popular The Witcher series are strong contenders for his best roles.

Henry Cavill as Geralt

If these rumors are true, it would mark an exciting transition for an actor who has been defined by a single (but admittedly extremely important) role. He could easily give the character a larger fan base and rally people behind him the way Marvel managed to do with Captain America. Henry Cavill absolutely has the star power to make that happen, too. Easily.

It would be a great idea for Marvel and Disney to nab Henry Cavill sooner rather than later, because he’s only going to get more popular from here. The Snyder Cut of Justice League is on the way, as is the hotly anticipated second season of The Witcher. Get on it, Disney!

If you want a lighter Henry Cavill performance, check him out in Netflix’s playful, funny, odd Enola Holmes, streaming now on the platform. It’s a good, quick, easy watch, and it showcases his range remarkably well.