Henry Cavill Blames A Specific Person For Losing Superman Role

By Ross Bonaime | 3 months ago

Henry Cavill Superman

Last month, Warner Bros. announced that they were working on a Superman reboot, which would be produced by J.J. Abrams and written by Ta-Nehisi Coates, who has worked on Black Panther and Captain America comics in the past. However, Warner Bros. has not revealed what this new project means for their current Superman, Henry Cavill, or what Cavill’s involvement with the DC Extended Universe of films will be after this reboot. Now, a new rumor says Cavill is blaming DC Films President Walter Hamada for what is happening with his role in the DC Extended Universe.

This rumor comes from entertainment gossip writer Daniel Richtman’s Patreon page, where he states that Henry Cavill is looking at the top of the film ladder for his current standing in the DC Films Universe. However, if this rumor is true, then obviously Cavill would be blaming the person in charge of DC Films, that just makes sense. However, it seems even more likely that Cavill isn’t mad at all about this new Superman, and that Cavill is going to continue to play Clark Kent.

There has been a lot of talk about Henry Cavill being “dropped” by Warner Bros. with this reboot, despite there being zero evidence that this is the case. If Warner Bros. was looking to get rid of Henry Cavill, it seems as though these rumors would have led to either Cavill or the studio making an announcement about their split. Beyond that, anyone familiar with DC Films knows that multiple versions of a character are starting to exist in Warner Bros. projects.

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Just look at Batman. Right now, Ben Affleck is still playing Batman, although there are rumors that Michael Keaton will also return to the character in The Flash. In addition to that, there is another version of Batman coming with Robert Pattison in The Batman. Or take for example that both Joaquin Phoenix and Jared Leto have played Joker in recent years, and again, there are rumors another Joker might also appear in The Batman. Warner Bros. has proven that they can handle multiple versions of their biggest characters, and that looks to be what is happening with Henry Cavill and Superman.

Warner Bros. could easily just be building separate Superman properties, and with continued rumors that Michael B. Jordan could be playing this reboot version of Superman, it has also been theorized that this new Superman could actually Calvin Ellis from a different Earth. With The Flash apparently heavily inspired by the Flashpoint comics run, it seems like DC is about to get into multiverses. In reality and outside of frequent rumors, Henry Cavill probably isn’t mad about this new Superman because he is likely to continue playing Clark Kent.

In recent interviews, Walter Hamada did say that the studio is always looking for new opportunities for upcoming shows and films, and this new Superman reboot simply seems to be a way to expand the possibilities of the DC Universe in a way that Batman and several other DC heroes have done. Even before this news, there were already multiple versions of Superman, as seen on the various CW shows, and there’s no reason why there can’t be multiple Supermen, especially with DC getting into the multiverse. If Henry Cavill was actually mad about his role as Superman – of which there’s no actual proof he is – of course, Hamada is the person he would be mad at. But as of right now, there doesn’t seem to be any reason for Cavill to worry about his future in the DC film universe.