See Henry Cavill As Bizarro Superman

By Joshua Jones | Published

With Black Adam now hitting theaters, there is much buzz surrounding Warner Bros. and the DCEU. One thing that has excited longtime fans of the franchise is the possibility of Henry Cavill returning as Superman. Upon news of reports of the actor’s return, artist BossLogic has created a new design that shows Cavill’s Superman transformed into the bizarre version of the character.

The art reveals the iconic Superman ‘S’ symbol in reverse. The art evokes a horrific tone and one that certainly would get DC fans talking. Although it would be interesting to see a Bizarro version of Henry Cavill, the chances of that happening on the big screen seems unlikely for a number of reasons.

First, Bizarro was used recently in The CW series Superman & Lois. While that doesn’t mean the suits at Warner Bros. won’t depict the character again on the big screen, the studio has shown in the past that they are hesitant to bring over characters or ideas from the small screen over to the big theatrical projects. Of course, the idea of a Bizarro version of Henry Cavill does sound tantalizing, to say the least. Plus, it’s not like there haven’t been two versions of the same character on both the small and big screens. Just take a look at The Flash.

Tyler Hoechlin as Bizarro Superman on Superman & Lois

Perhaps the more pressure issue is whether the reports of Henry Cavill’s return in a Man of Steel sequel are accurate. Cavill has teased in the past that “the cape is still in the closet”; however, it’s been a long since fans have seen a standalone Superman movie. Man of Steel was released in 2013, so we’re etching closer to the film’s 10th anniversary. The studio has focused more on expanding DCEU (kind of) rather than telling individual Superman stories.

That’s not to say the studio has already planned a Man of Steel sequel. If you’ve seen Black Adam, then you know the studio has some significant plans for the franchise’s future. It’s just difficult not to get worried that Warner Bros. will once again keep Henry Cavill’s Superman on the shelf for a while, despite him being the most iconic, recognizable superhero of all-time.

Finally, there is the future of Warner Bros. as a studio. Reports suggest the new Warner Bros. Discovery CEO wants to sell the company soon. If Warner Bros. gets folded into another major company like Comcast, does it still matter if Henry Cavill decides to return for one more go around in Metropolis?

Unless whoever buys Warner Bros. decides to build on what the DCEU has already established since the first Man of Steel. There is no denying that fans have wanted to see Henry Cavill back as Superman since Zack Snyder’s Justice League was released on HBO Max. While DCEU doesn’t have the best track record for receiving critical praise, it does have a passionate fanbase behind it. We’ll have to see if whoever owns Warner Bros. in two years will want to listen to the fanbase.