See A Grotesque Look At Hellraiser’s New Female Pinhead

The Hellraiser reboot coming out on Hulu will feature a female interpretation of Pinhead and we have a look at her.

By Joshua Jones | Published

hellraiser pinhead reboot

The upcoming Hellraiser reboot for Hulu has been getting a lot of attention, thanks to the announcement of there being a new female Pinhead. Actress Jamie Clayton will play the supernatural character originally portrayed by Doug Bradley. A new look of Clayton as the leader of the Cenobites was revealed today courtesy of Spyglass Media Group. In the pic, Pinhead is shown in a profile with the iconic pins spread across her head. There’s no telling what the leader of the Cenobites is looking at, but based on the pic, it doesn’t appear she’s all that intimidated by whatever or whoever it is. Author Clive Baker, who wrote the original story, said that the reboot seems to be “paying homage to what the first film created” while at the same time choosing to take a different direction with the character.

Director David Bruckner, who’s behind the helm of the new Hellraiser reboot, revealed during an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he was just a teenager when the first Hellraiser was released in theaters. When asked about his approach to the new film, he chose not to look at it as a reboot. He said it would be difficult to top the original 1987 horror film, which helped spawn numerous sequels. Bruckner described the original film as “visceral” and “impactful.” Regarding the new female lead, Bruckner wanted to make sure Clayton didn’t just copy Doug Bradley, who helped define the Pinhead character with his performance throughout the series. Bruckner also revealed that the creators of the new reboot wanted Pinhead to be a woman this time around.

The Hellraiser reboot will feature a new Cenobite called The Masque. During his interview with EW, Bruckner said The Masque was one of his favorite Cenobites. He also teased the possibility of more new Cenobites in the film. In the reboot, a young woman struggling with addiction comes across an ancient puzzle box with the purpose of summoning a group of supernatural beings from another dimension. Doug Bradley recently spoke about the decision to cast an actress in the lead and mentioned that he was open to the idea of a new interpretation of Pinhead. The upcoming film is coming after the successful Halloween reboot in 2018, which led to two sequels and grossed over $250 million at the box office. While the Hellraiser reboot won’t premiere in theaters, perhaps the studio is looking to draw up interest in the IP before deciding to move forward with a sequel that could find its way to the big screen. It should be noted that there hasn’t been any word of a planned sequel.

Clive Baker returns as the film’s producer. When discussing Baker’s involvement in the Hellraiser reboot, Bruckner said he had a very strong presence on set. The screenplay is written by Bruckner’s regular collaborators, Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski, who helped write Bruckner’s 2020 film Night House. Bruckner revealed that the film was loosely inspired by a Hellraiser pitch from several years ago.