Hayden Panettiere: What She’s Doing Now And Why She Isn’t Acting

By Rick Gonzales | 1 year ago

Hayden Panettiere

Actress Hayden Panettiere has had a long career even though she is only 30-years-old. She started acting at the age of 11-months when she was in a TV commercial. Since that time, Panettiere has done just about everything when it comes to performing. So why haven’t we seen her lately?



Hayden Panettiere got her first big acting gig on the soap opera One Life To Live, portraying the young Sarah Roberts. She turned that role into another soap opera gig, this one on Guiding Light.

During an interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Panettiere reflected on how those early roles on the soap operas prepared her and her acting career by all the things her young characters had to endure. You can see that interview below.

Remember The Titans

Hayden Panettiere

Hayden Panettiere took a small break from soaps after her run on Guiding Light ended and moved on to movies, both on the big and small screen. Her star started to rise when she held her own in the film Remember the Titans with Denzel Washington.

Then came another soap when she was brought on board for the final season of the legal dramedy Ally McBeal as the title characters daughter via an egg bank mix-up. Again, her short time on the series only solidified her acting chops and the roles kept coming for Hayden Panettiere.



The wonderful thing about Hayden Panettiere is that her career isn’t focused on either movies or TV. She loves doing both and it reflects in the roles she takes on.

After her stint on Ally McBeal, Hayden Panettiere appeared in movies such as Racing Stripes and Ice Princess. She took on the Ice Princess role because she felt she was a jock and she loved sports so she felt learning to ice skate for the role would be something she could easily do. She was right.

Panettiere could also be seen on the TV show Malcom In The Middle and she also lent her voice to the video game Kingdom Hearts II. She also had a big part in the movie Bring It On: All Or Nothing. But perhaps her biggest role was yet to come.


Hayden Panettiere

In 2006 the world was hit with the Heroes phenomenon. The show was immediately a smash TV program and Hayden Panettiere was smack dab in the middle of it.

Hayden was cast as Claire Bennet, a high school cheerleader with special powers. In fact, it was her character that one of the most common phrases of the show revolved around, “Save the cheerleader, save the world.”

Hayden Panettiere on Heroes

Hayden Panettiere portrayed the heroic cheerleader on each and every episode of the shows four season run which eventually led to a refresh of the series when Heroes Reborn premiered five years later. Sadly, Hayden Panettiere was only part of two episodes of the 13 that were aired. It could be that Panettiere was already busy with another hit series.


Hayden Panettiere strapless

Hayden Panettiere continued her hot streak when she was cast in one of the lead roles on the hit TV show Nashville. Her character, Juliette Barnes, was a rising country star with a bit of a bad side. But in this show, Panettiere was able to show off another one of her talents. She can sing!


Hayden Panettiere performed all of her own singing on the show and has been featured on many of the CDs that came from the hit show.


Despite all the work Panettiere has done in Hollywood, she has also found time for a cause. She has shown in the past that she will also put her life on the line for said cause. “I risked my life,” Panettiere said to TV Guide. “A lot of people in this world will say they are involved in causes and organizations, but they don’t actually do something. It was a great feeling to be there physically, making a difference.” What Panettiere was referring to was putting her life in danger in 2007 when she surfed the waters off the coast of Japan in efforts to stop the slaughter of dolphins and whales. She continues on with her fight in trying to stop the continued attack.

Panettiere is also an official supporter of the Ronald McDonald House Charities, an organization that supports programs aimed at improving the health and well-being of children. Before all this, she was a teen ambassador for Candie’s Foundation, their mission, to prevent teenage pregnancy. She has also dipped her toe into the political arena when she publicly backed Barack Obama while also urging the young people to get out and vote.


Nashville went off the air two years ago in 2018 and that was the last time we saw Hayden Panettiere on either the large or small screen. Her previous relationship of nine years to former boxer Wladimir Klitschko (with whom she has a child) ended around the same time Nashville ended.

Hayden Panettiere then moved on to dating Real Estate Agent Brian Hickerson and trouble ensued. Hickerson has been accused of domestic violence against Panettiere, not once but multiple times. In fact, he has been arrested on those charges though Hayden Panettiere eventually dropped them and went back to him.

Gossip reports say that many in her circle are concerned for her well-being. Hopefully, she will wise up and move on. It’s time Hayden Panettiere also found another gig. She is sorely missed.