Hawkgirl Coming To The DC Cinematic Universe?

Black Adam actor Aldis Hodge has hinted Hawkgirl will enter the DC Cinematic Universe.

By Joshua Jones | Published

We already know Hawkman will make his onscreen debut in Black Adam, but what about Hawkgirl? According to Black Adam’s Hawkman actor Aldis Hodge, there may have been a reason for Hawkgirl’s absence in the much anticipated DC project. Aldis was asked by The Direct about the character’s absence and mentioned that “everything has a meaning and purpose.”

Hawkgirl was “100% in [the] original JSA team” in Black Adam, as confirmed by Dwyane Johnson on Twitter. However, the character was ultimately cut for unknown reasons. While Hodge couldn’t give a clear answer to why Hawkgirl was removed from the finished product, he did express his enthusiasm for the character.

“Oh, I actually can’t speak to that, her factoring into the film story-wise, because… Yeah, I can’t speak to how it would factor into the film aside from the fact that it would still be awesome. It would be amazing, but her not being there is intentional. We have room to grow, so however we are allowed to go further and we can explore different avenues, hopefully that is one of the avenues that we do get to touch on. But everything has a meaning and a purpose.”

Hawkgirl has a close relationship with Hawkman in the comics. She first appeared in Flash Comics #1 in January 1940. Since then, she has appeared in numerous mediums.

Black Adam introduces the audience to the Justice League of America. Although the team includes fan-favorite DC heroes like Hawkman and Doctor Fate, the exclusion of Hawkgirl and others with a rich history in the Justice League is noticeable. However, Black Adam seems to be focused on establishing Dwayne Johnson’s anti-hero character in the DCEU and setting up a potential clash with the last son of Krypton, Superman.

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That’s not to say the JSA won’t have a significant role in the film. In numerous trailers and television spots, we’ve seen that the JSA is looking to confront Black Adam on his home turf. Considering how powerful Black Adam is coming across in the marketing, the addition of Hawkgirl and other known Justice League members could’ve tipped the balance in the JSA’s favor.

It also doesn’t mean Hawkgirl won’t ever receive her just due. As mentioned earlier, she has made live-action appearances in other mediums. Actress Ciara Renee portrayed the character in The CW Arrowverse shows.

Hodge even referenced Hawkgirl during an interview with The Hollywood Reporter at the Black Adam film premiere. The actor was asked which two characters he wanted to see show up next in the DCEU, and he said, “Mr. Terrific….and also Hawkgirl.”

With so much chatter regarding Black Adam’s post-credit scene and the fact that Dwayne Johnson wants to continue with the DCEU, it’s possible fans could see Hawkgirl and other JSA comic book characters show up in future movies. The buzz surrounding Black Adam intensified following the reports of Superman appearing in the film. If Black Adam can succeed at the box office and get massive praise from critics, it opens the door for more projects spinning out of this entry.

If Hawkgirl doesn’t appear in the next Black Adam movie, then perhaps she could make a surprise appearance in the upcoming Flashpoint. She played a role in the original Flashpoint story in the comics, joining forces with the Amazon Furies and attempting to take out Lois Lane. Although the Flashpoint movie may not be a direct adaptation of the comic, there is the chance of many cameos to pop up as it is a multiverse movie.

For now, we just have to cross our fingers to see whether Hawkgirl does appear in a DC movie down the road.