See Hawkeye’s New Trailer Reveal Marvel Actor Return

The new trailer for Hawkeye is here and it reveals the return of an Avengers actor!

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Hawkeye is set to debut on November 24, and fans of the character, and the MCU overall, are in for a surprise or two. Disney’s most recent announcement revealed that the series would debut with a “two-episode special,” with following episodes releasing once a week. Befitting Hawkeye‘s Christmas theme, the show will most likely conclude around the world’s largest holiday, sometime around Christmas.

However, the promo also offered a fleeting glimpse of Linda Cardellini’s Laura Barton – Clint Barton’s wife – and a character that has appeared in 2015’s Avengers: Age of Ultron and 2019’s Endgame, but has been conspicuously missing from the TV show’s previously released trailer. And many of Linda Cardellini’s fans were curious as to why she wasn’t shown in the trailer, questioning her appearance in the upcoming show. Luckily, the new promotional video posted on Hawkeye Twitter page briefly shows Linda reprising her role:

The show is set in the post-Blip New York City, taking place after the events of 2019’s Endgame, in which the titular hero is trying to get home in time for Christmas, but it’s ambushed by threats from his past. This leads to him teaming up with Hawkeye’s biggest fan, Kate Bishop, portrayed by Hailee Steinfeld, to put a stop to Hawkeye’s assailant’s criminal enterprise. It’s worth noting that Hawkeye initially began its life as a feature film but has grown into Disney and Marvel Cinematic Universe’s newest addition to the narrative – television shows. Much like WandaVision, Loki, and other television series based on fan-favored characters.

As we previously said, the upcoming series introduces Hawkeye to Kate Bishop, a young female archer, and Hawkeye’s future protégé – described as equally annoying as she is charismatic. However, it’s Clint’s other half that’s getting some long-overdue screen time in the MCU, given that she’s only briefly seen in the film but has a life-changing impact on Clint. Not only did he give up his role as an Avenger because of her, but he also became an anti-hero Ronin (as seen in Endgame) after her death by The Snap. But that’s MCU. Laura Barton’s comic book history is a little bit different.

Laura Barton was introduced in Ultimates 2 #2 in March 2005 as Clint Barton’s wife and mother of his three children: Callum, Lewis, and baby Nicole, who was named after her godfather, Nick Fury. However, a traitor within the Ultimates led a black ops team to the Barton home and slaughtered Clint’s family. Hawkeye was captured and chemically interrogated, revealing numerous Ultimates’ secrets. He managed to escape, revealing Black Widow as the traitor; Hawkeye killed her in revenge for the death of his family. It’s a significantly different iteration than Linda Cardellini’s version of the character.

Linda Cardellini is an American actress best known for her leading role in the teen drama Freaks and Geeks, medical drama ER, and drama thriller Bloodline. Her appearance in ER earned he a TV Land Award, though she received over a dozen award nomination, including Primetime Emmy Awards, and Screen Actors Guild Award. In addition, to playing Laura Barton for the MCU and Hawkeye, Linda Cardellini is one of the few actresses to portray both Marvel and DC Entertainment characters, as she voiced Nasthalthia Luthor in 2011’s All-Star Superman animated film.  

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