Harry Potter And The Cursed Child Becoming A Movie?

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

daniel radcliffe harry potter

Harry Potter, as a franchise, has been out of the public eye for a few years now. After a record-setting run of books and movies spanning more than a decade, it made sense that we’d take something of a break from the character and his wizard-ing friends for a bit. But that looks set to change sooner than later with franchise news and rumors heating up over the last couple of months. The latest rumor has it that we could see a return to the franchise with the characters well into adulthood. That would come in the form of a Harry Potter and the Cursed Child movie adaptation hitting the big screen. 

During an investor conference, Warner Media head honcho Jason Kilar gave some interesting tidbits about the Harry Potter franchise. He spoke briefly to the company’s plans going forward with the titular character and the world around him. He was a little coy with specifics but did say, “There’s this little thing called Harry Potter, which is one of the most beloved franchises. And we’re incredibly thankful to be able to partner with J.K. Rowling and so I would argue there’s a lot of fun and potential there as well…”

For starters, Kilar didn’t have to bring up Harry Potter specifically. WarnerMedia has plenty of huge projects in the pipeline right now at various stages of production. But throwing out some bread crumbs around such a huge franchise is something you’d definitely do if there were preliminary talks underway about getting back into the world of Hogwarts and beyond. It would appear they are beginning to ramp up more movies and maybe even television shows around this universe. 

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And what project would make more sense than a big-screen adaptation of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child? Essentially, the base of the script has already been written with the original story releasing as a play in the summer of 2016. The play caught up with the characters almost two decades after the events of The Deathly Hallows and the “ending” of the Harry Potter stories. This had the characters as adults, raising their respective children who were going off the Hogwarts themselves. While the play does focus much more on the children than the actual “famous” adults, that could definitely be amended and even expanded in a movie version to bring well-known characters into the mix. 

Making Harry Potter and the Cursed Child into a movie would actually follow along with some other recent rumors as well. It was reported that Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint were all in discussions to reprise their respective roles of Harry, Hermione, and Ron in an upcoming film. Considering their ages and the timeline of Cursed Child line up pretty well, if not exactly, that could be just the movie they are discussing. 

Considering the popularity and cultural zeitgeist influence of Harry Potter and the franchise as a whole, it’s honestly a little surprising there hasn’t been more done around it in recent years. While some of that is likely intentional from author JK Rowling’s perspective considering she’s been very protective of the characters, it’s such a massive phenomenon that we usually are bombarded with these franchises. Maybe we are heading towards that in the future. It could all start with a Cursed Child movie adaptation.