See The Harry Potter Characters As Jedi

See the characters from Harry Potter reimagined as Jedi, stormtroopers, and Sith in AI artwork.

By Zack Zagranis | Updated

AI mashups are huge right now so it was only a matter of time before Harry Potter’s wizarding world crossed over with a galaxy far, far away. A competition for resulted in just such an unholy union between Star Wars and Hogwarts. User LuXxabde used AI to create a gallery that answers the question, “What would the Harry Potter kids look like as Jedi?”

Harry Potter, Hermoine Granger, and Ron Weasley faired the best. All three characters have been reimagined as Jedi Knights wielding blue lightsabers and wearing Jedi robes. Harry, a character that was already pretty much Luke Skywalker with a wand, now resembles the Jedi even more closely thanks to a black robe that resembles the outfit worn by Luke in Return of the Jedi.

Hermione, on the other hand, is clad in more traditional, old-school Jedi attire that makes her look like a character straight out of Disney’s High Republic era of Star Wars. Meanwhile, poor Ron has fallen victim to one of AI’s infamous physical deformities. Harry Potter’s best friend appears to have inexplicably grown a third hand.

However, other than the extra limb, Mr. Weasley looks ready to jump into battle alongside his friends, although one could argue it would have made more sense to have Ron fill the Han Solo role. Especially if you consider Hermione analogous to Princess Leia. If the ginger mage had been depicted as a smuggler rather than a Jedi, we know exactly who his co-pilot would be: Wookie Hagrid.

In possibly the most perfect combination of Harry Potter and Star Wars, Hagrid, the loveable half-giant with the scraggly beard, has been combined with Chewbacca, Han Solo’s fur-covered partner. You can almost hear Wookie Hagrid let out one of Chewie’s iconic growls and then immediately follow it up with, “I shouldn’t have said that.”

Harry Potter’s arch-nemesis Voldemort appears as—what else—a Sith lord complete with a red lightsaber and…a nose? Apparently, those weird AI mistakes can sometimes be an improvement over the real thing. Who knew? Too bad the same can’t be said for Voldemort’s seven fingers…

Fellow Slytherin Draco Malfoy is rendered as Darth Voldemort’s Sith apprentice. Draco’s picture is spot on, with a very cool-looking black robe and requisite red lightsaber. Given Malfoy’s redemption at the end of the Harry Potter series Draco as a Sith is probably closer to the conflicted apprentices Darth Vader and Kylo Ren than he is to a ball of pure black hate like Darth Maul.

Rounding out the Harry Potter X Star Wars pics are Neville Longbottom, Snape, and Dumbledore. These three are easily the weakest of the concepts starting with Neville. Longbottom is presumably a Jedi based on his robes, but given he has no lightsaber, could just as easily be a simple Tattooine farmer like Uncle Owen.

Severus Snape looks like Yoda and Wormtongue from Lord of the Rings had a baby, and not a particularly attractive baby, either. Last and certainly least is…Stormtrooper Dumbledore? All the other wizards have Star Wars counterparts that at least kind of make sense, but Dumbledore as a Stormtrooper is a big oof!

All in all, the concept of combining Harry Potter and Star Wars is an interesting one and might be better suited for a human artist to take a crack at. At least then, poor Ron will have the right amount of hands.

This is the way.

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