Harry Potter Movies Being Rebooted?

A new rumor has emerged from WDW Pro that indicates Harry Potter is set to be rebooted with an entirely new cast in place.

By James Brizuela | Updated

harry potter

Harry Potter has been a long and storied franchise that sits behind a magnanimous amount of fans. Though the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them movie series helped to broaden the Wizarding World a bit more, it failed to live up to the expectations of the original franchise. Well, a new rumor has stated that the franchise is now going to be rebooted, which includes recasting of all kinds.

Granted, Harry Potter fans have been begging for the mainline series to keep going, and many have pointed to continuing on with The Cursed Child. However, Daniel Radcliffe showed no interest in carrying on as The Boy Who Lived, and rightfully so. Radcliffe’s career has not been defined by his record-setting franchise, and he has gone on to be in tons of great movies since then.

Harry Potter is full of plenty of lore that could be explored in different ways. Take Hogwarts Legacy, for instance, the new video game is going to be exploring an older age of the Harry Potter franchise. The game will cover the Victorian era and take place hundreds of years before the events of Harry Potter take place.

The rebooted Harry Potter movies could do that, or simply tell the original story in a much different way with a much different cast. The above rumor seems to indicate that the latter is going to happen, much to the dismay of many adoring fans of Radcliffe and the other spectacular actors that have come and gone from the franchise. We are not sure how this newly rebooted franchise might look but going with a recast could spell through for this glorious series.

harry potter

To be fair, despite the Harry Potter movies being as good as they are, there are always those that say the books were far better. This newly rebooted plan could involve telling a more factual story by staying as close to the source material as possible. Again, we know that the movies are heralded as untouchable, so we would imagine people are going to be plenty upset about a full reboot.

Harry Potter is a phenomenon though, so it should stand to reason that anybody could take on the titular role. It would be interesting if this new reboot would go in a much darker way, making the deaths of Harry’s parents turn him more into an ambitious wizard who wants nothing more than to kill Voldemort. Granted, no one knew that Voldemort was alive then, but you get our point.

Hollywood is full of remakes and reboots, and it’s honestly been long enough that a Harry Potter reboot doesn’t sound as crazy as it should be. Warner Bros. knows what it is doing when it comes to pumping out a franchise for money, and people would likely still flock to the theaters to see this new rendition of the franchise. We will be far more interested once the casting announcements start to come out and see who is going to take on the lead role from Daniel Radcliffe.