Harrison Ford’s Yellowstone Spin-Off Has A New Name

The new Yellowstone spinoff series that sees Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren link up has been given a brand-new name, according to reports.

By Dan Lawrence | Published

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Paramount’s Yellowstone is one of the most prolific shows on US television. The present-day western drama, created by Taylor Sheridan and starring Kevin Costner in the lead role will have its fifth season premiere on November 13. Yellowstone already has one spinoff over on Paramount+, 1883, and has two more on the way. One is 6666, set in the present day and being a part of Paramount’s television network offering, and another is a Paramount+ prequel. This new Yellowstone story starring Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren has been given a new name, per a Deadline report.

Back in May, Collider reported that Paramount+ had announced the Harrison Ford/Helen Mirren-led Yellowstone prequel dubbed 1932. The show’s focus was set to be on an earlier generation of the cattle ranch-owning Dutton family from Yellowstone, contending with the likes of drought, prohibition, and the great depression. Now though, fans have learned thanks to Deadline that Harrison Ford and company are now starring in the re-dubbed 1923. The prequel to Yellowstone (and sequel to 1883, which follows the first generation of the Dutton family) is now set to hold its gaze on the fallout from The Great War in 1918 and the beginnings of the Prohibition in 1920.

It is not yet known who exactly in the Yellowstone saga Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren are set to play in 1923, but Paramount+ was able to elaborate a little further on the show’s premise, ahead of its debut in December; “1923 focuses on the Dutton family’s next two generations as they struggle to survive historic drought, lawlessness and prohibition, and an epidemic of cattle theft; all battled beneath the cloud of Montana’s great depression, which preceded the nation by almost a decade.”

1923 becomes part of a legacy that began with Taylor Sheridan’s first series of Yellowstone on Paramount in 2018. The first four seasons of the show-that follow the Dutton family Patriarch John (Kevin Costner), the sixth-generation owner of the Dutton family’s Yellowstone Ranch, the largest in all of Montana, which has seen extraordinary success. The drama of internal family conflicts, bordering Indian Reservations, and tricky developers saw a reported 9.3 million viewers tuning in to the season four finale, as per Forbes. 1883, starring Sam Elliott and focusing on the first generation of Duttons has had equally impressive numbers. The Dutton’s origin story premiered to 4.9 million linear viewers on cable and more than doubled the previous record for most-watched Paramount+ original on streaming when it made its bow last December. These impressive numbers mean that Yellowstone newcomer Harrison Ford and 1923 have a pretty tough set of acts to follow.

It is more than likely that Harrison Ford and the Yellowstone franchise will be a match made in heaven. Adding a legendary actor of Ford’s stature (as well as Oscar-winning co-star Helen Mirren) to the already successful franchise is more than likely to help boost the audience’s positive reactions to the western saga even more. As well as this, by having Harrison Ford make his Yellowstone bow in the month following the season five premiere of Yellowstone will help 1923 feed off the large viewing numbers the return of Kevin Costner’s John Dutton will more than likely bring. If Harrison Ford bringing the Yellowstone franchise to the 1920s isn’t enough, there is another spin-off show in the works that will be expanding the narrative world in the present day. 6666, set in the eponymous ranch of great renown will be another Paramount Cable offering from the mind of Taylor Sheridan alongside the original Yellowstone series.