A Forgotten Harrison Ford Movie Is Blowing Up On Free Streaming

By Shawn Paul Wood | 2 months ago

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Harrison Ford is one of the best actors of this—or any other—generation, so when there is news that one of his “forgotten” movies is doing well on a streamer, no one is shocked. However, when you read it’s the movie Six Days, Seven Nights, the only shock may be recalled if he was even in the film. He was, and now it’s one of the most popular views on IMDb TV.

In 1998, Ivan Reitman directed the schmaltzy comedy starring Harrison Ford and Anne Heche who plays a New York editor for a fashion magazine. She needs a vacation, so her boyfriend (David Schwimmer of Friends fame) surprises Robin with a one-week excursion to a tropical locale. And that’s where the hijinks ensue. There aren’t many surprises for the audience, but it’s from the recently passed, always beloved Ivan Reitman (Stripes, Ghostbusters, Road Trip), so you know there will be some audible laughs.

If you are still trying to figure out why Harrison Ford’s co-star sounds familiar, it could be one of two stellar reasons:

  1. She was Ellen DeGeneres’ first wife
  2. The woman has uttered a rare Alien language on national television (In fact, her extraterrestrial alter-ego was named “Celestia”)

Back to the movie, if you don’t know about it by now, you must be interested if you’re a fan of Harrison Ford. Here’s the trailer for Six Days, Seven Nights.

Because, of course, Harrison Ford flies a plane. Six Days, Seven Nights was a moderate success at the box office earning $164 million on its $65 million budget. But even though critics panned the lack of chemistry between Ford and Heche (probably because he didn’t speak Martian), there were places in the film that broke the monotony with good comedic timing and lines.

Throughout the film, it’s fairly easy to see where the movie is headed. Two star-crossed souls end up stranded on a desert island together. The couple has as much togetherness as a Kardashian at a Mensa convention, but on goes the movie. Both Anne Heche and Harrison Ford have objects of their affection in the first act, but naturally, those two are there to support the main focus–Harrison Ford and Anne Heche hooking up.

Despite the script and apparent ham-handed teamwork between the two, there are a good amount of things to keep an eye on in the film. Six Days, Seven Nights was filmed in Hawaii, so the cinematographer had an impressive canvas to film. Michael Chapman is more regarded for films of grit, like Taxi Driver, Raging Bull, and Primal Fear. However, he allows his eye to catch some captivating horizons throughout.

Another item of note is the screenplay by Michael Browning, who also wrote the underrated comedic action movie Bad Company with Anthony Hopkins and Chris Rock. The thing to appreciate in this script is rhythm. It doesn’t get too goofy at first, and it could. And it doesn’t get too ridiculous near the end. (Oh, did we mention the movie has pirates in it?) The second and third acts are enjoyable, making this film worth a fun rom-com watch.  

The first act is the most predictable, but if you fight through those moments, the rest of the movie could share why the IMDb spotlight has been on Six Days, Seven Nights. Essentially, following tumultuous weather, a lightning crash, and a plane landing somewhere in the Pacific, the movie becomes a sexually tense, verbal gymnastic version of Cast Away. Of course, Harrison Ford is old enough to be Anne Heche’s creepy, drunk uncle at a family reunion; yet, there he is–getting the girl, saving the day, and showing everyone else that the guy has still got it.

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While you’re watching the movie, along with the rest of the IMDb audience, there is a troika of little hat-tips to Ford you need to see. These are exclusive Harrison Ford Cadbury-style Easter Eggs Reitman may or may not be placed in the film for many of Ford’s fans. For example, when Quinn (Ford) and Robin (Heche) are flying headlong into an electrical storm, be sure to keep an eye on his face. He looks just like Han Solo at the wheel of the Millennium Falcon when he couldn’t trek into hyperspace. Another egg of fun is the lead pirate in the film is none other than Temuera Morrison—yes, Boba Fett. And the last Harrison Ford exclusive egg—snakes. Why did it have to be snakes?

In all, it’s well worth it to check out Harrison Ford in Six Days, Seven Nights now on IMDB.