See Harrison Ford React To Mark Hamill’s Flawless Impression Of Him

Harrison Ford acknowledges that Mark Hamill does a good impression of him.

By Douglas Helm | Published

If you need the perfect way to brighten up your Sunday, check out this Instagram video of Harrison Ford reacting to his Star Wars co-star Mark Hamill’s impression of him. Not only do you get to hear Hamill do a pitch-perfect rendition of Ford, but you get a classic curmudgeonly reaction from Ford who says “he can have the job.” Ford also acknowledges that “it’s really good,” which, it definitely is.

Of course, Harrison Ford and Mark Hamill’s friendship is now many decades old after they both broke into Hollywood with (the retroactively titled) Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope. You have to imagine after spending that much time together that Hamill is going to pick up on ways to do a perfect impression of his friend. Though Ford has fully moved on from Star Wars now, it’s good to see the two still have this excellent rapport.

While his Harrison Ford impression is certainly impressive, it’s not too surprising that Mark Hamill is able to nail it perfectly. Since his turn as the Jedi that helped save the galaxy, Hamill has become an extremely versatile and accomplished voice actor. In fact, his turn as the Joker in Batman: The Animated Series is one of the greatest iterations of all time (alongside one of the greatest iterations of Batman by the late, great Kevin Conroy).

Harrison Ford hasn’t done much voice acting compared to Mark Hamill, but his live-action game is as strong as ever. Ford will be returning to his other most famous role in Indiana Jones 5. The franchise will be helmed by James Mangold for the first time and will star Ford and the returning John Rys-Davies, along with new cast members Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Mads Mikkelsen, Boyd Holbrook, Thomas Kretschmann, Toby Jones, and Antonio Banderas. Recent reports suggest that the fifth installation of the film may be in some trouble, but the release date is set for June 30, 2023.

While Harrison Ford has pretty much left the Star Wars universe once and for all, Mark Hamill has surprisingly turned up as Luke Skywalker more than once since the end of The Skywalker Saga. Thanks to the magic of deep-fake and CGI technology, Hamill played his most famous role in episodes of The Mandalorian and The Book of Boba Fett. Who knows if we’ll see him again, but it seems like they can pretty much bring him back anytime the story calls for it and as long as Hamill is willing.

Meanwhile, Harrison Ford has joined one of the biggest franchises of all time, one that Mark Hamill hopefully joins in the future — the MCU. Ford will be replacing the late William Hurt as Thaddeus ‘Thunderbolt’ Ross in the upcoming Captain America: New World Order starring Anthony Mackie. There are also rumors that Ford will be appearing in the anti-hero team-up movie Thunderbolts as well, but there’s no official word on that yet.

You’ll be able to catch Harrison Ford in Captain America: New World Order when it hits theaters on May 3, 2024. As for Mark Hamill, you can hear him now as the voice of Merv Pumpkinhead in Netflix’s The Sandman and hear him reprise his role as Art Rosenbaum in the second season of Invincible, which comes out in 2023. In the meantime, enjoy watching that impression video on repeat.