Harrison Ford Is Joining The Duttons For A Yellowstone Spinoff

Taylor Sheridan's empire of Yellowstone spin-offs will one day occupy all of television, and this one just cast Harrison Ford.

By Dan Lawrence | Updated

Harrison Ford

Taylor Sheridan’s Western drama Yellowstone is one of the Paramount Network’s biggest shows. The Kevin Costner-led drama is so big in fact, that it has so far spawned two spinoff shows, 1883, one of the biggest shows on streaming service Paramount+, and 1932, a newly announced show that is yet to be released. And now, Collider reports that 1932 has landed two huge names to star in the spinoff series, Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.

Yellowstone, which has recently started production for a fourteen-episode fifth season, follows the Dutton family in present-day America. The Duttons preside over the largest contiguous cattle ranch in the United States. Led by John Dutton (Kevin Costner), the family must contend with the likes of neighboring Ranches, an Native American reservation, and an expanding local town. 1883 is a recent prequel series, that follows the first generation of Duttons who found the family’s ranch, the first season which aired primarily on Paramount+ had a cast led by Sam Elliot. Now, 1932 is set to feature a new generation of Duttons who have to contend with drought, the Great Depression, and Prohibition. With that potent mix of plot points, coupled with the casting of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, it looks as if 1932 has what it takes to match its predecessors.

The casting of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren follows a trend of high-profile stars being attached to Yellowstone and its spinoffs. Sam Elliot and Kevin Costner are both Hollywood legends, a label that can certainly be applied to both Ford and Mirren. Harrison Ford is of course famed for countless iconic roles, from Han Solo in Star Wars to the titular hero in the Indiana Jones franchise and Deckard in Blade Runner. Helen Mirren also has an incredible acting CV, is an Oscar winner, a veteran of period dramas, and even has starred alongside Vin Diesel in the likes of Fast & Furious 8.

1932 pulling in stars of the stature of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren should lay the groundwork for the series matching the success of both Yellowstone and 1883. The season four finale of Yellowstone reached a season-high in viewership, with 9.3 million people watching live plus same-day ratings for the climactic episode. The 1883 season premiere also had groundbreaking numbers, setting a new record for biggest debut on Paramount+, as well as the biggest new series premiere on cable since 2015. Perhaps, this is a hard act for 1932 to follow, but Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will certainly help the cause.

With three western dramas on the way, release dates are not yet known for either of the Taylor Sheridan show’s following generations of the Dutton family. With Yellowstone now in production, a release date announcement shouldn’t be far away, 1883 is set to have its story continued as well in some shape or form along with Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren’s 1932. With such a big casting announcement, fans of this record-breaking western saga will hope that this is the first of many dominoes to fall regarding Dutton family announcements.