Master Chief Is Finally Fighting In Live-Action For The First Halo Series Trailer

By Faith McKay | 4 months ago

master chief

It’s been a long time coming, but it’s finally here. The Halo TV series, now coming to Paramount+, has a release date and a first trailer. While a few pictures of Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief has been released before this, the trailer gives a first look at The Covenant, Cortana, and what to expect from the new take on Master Chief’s story in the live-action series when it premieres on Paramount+ March 24, 2022.

Check out the Halo series trailer for yourself in the epic two-minute video below.

The Halo series trailer includes a lot of nostalgia for fans of the games. This raises a big question about the new show and its story. How similar will it be to the games? Will it be part of the same timeline? According to the folks behind the project, this series is the start of a new timeline, the Silver timeline. While the series will be very similar to the games, audiences should not expect them to be the same. The trailer raises more questions than it asks in this area, but it does give fans a big hint at what they can expect will be similar and different. For example, while there are many elements shown here that are similar–the Prophets, the Halo ring–these things happen at times that don’t mesh with the timeline in the games. Similar backstories, but with events in a new order to make them work for the new medium of television.

The Halo series trailer still shows only a glimpse of Pablo Schreiber under Master Chief’s armor, which looks very similar to what fans expect from the games. All fans see in the trailer underneath the metal is a glimpse of the scars on his back. Still, it appears that Master Chief will be the super soldier Spartan that fans know from the games, that he’ll be fighting Covenant enemies in the 26th century, and that the new series will be action-packed.

halo series trailer

In a notable moment for the trailer, the question is raised: “What does one do with a superhuman you’re not sure you can trust?” And then the Halo series introduces Cortana in a brief moment where she’s seen talking to Master Chief. If the voices sounds surprisingly similar to what fans have heard in the games, it should. Jen Taylor voiced Cortana in the games and she’s back in the role for the Halo series.

halo series cortana

The trailer also gives a fast look at the Covenant enemies for the series. The trailer packs in a lot, so it’s easy to miss things like this screenshot from the Halo series below, showing an Arbiter.

series paramount+

While not a focus point, there was a brief moment where the Halo series shows that it’s going to be spending some time with epic world-building.

halo paramount+

All in all, the Halo series trailer does a lot to build up the hype to see Master Chief in live-action. The new show will premiere exclusively for streaming on Paramount+ March 24, 2022, when fans will finally get to see the full-length series they’ve been waiting for.