First Look At Live-Action Master Chief In The Halo Series

The minds behind the Halo series have been working to create a proper adaptation of the video game for an incredibly long time.

By Faith McKay | Published

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The minds behind the Halo series have been working to create a proper adaptation of the video game for an incredibly long time. While the pandemic predictably caused delays for filming, this project has been in the works since 2013. Understandably, there’s a lot of excitement around finally having new images from the series released. Today, Entertainment Weekly dropped an early image of Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief for the live-action Halo series coming to Paramount+.

Check out the new Halo pic below.

halo series master chief
Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief

Fans familiar with the game will notice that Master Chief’s armor looks a great deal like they’d expect. Hidden underneath there is actor Pablo Schreiber, who is bringing the Halo video game character to life in the series. The actor has been previously seen in American Gods and in Netflix’s Orange Is The New Black as one of the more well-known prison guards. His new role as Master Chief will be one of his most central roles yet, a responsibility he doesn’t take lightly.

Pablo Schreiber Is Master Chief in New Halo Series

For his role as Master Chief, Pablo Schreiber has had to do a lot of bulking up. He recounted the experience of filming to Entertainment Weekly, saying that he worked out both before and after filming each day. When the Halo series had to halt production in March 2020 for the pandemic, he continued working out the entire time to stay in shape for the character.

While working out so much was a big part of the job, he also mentioned that as a star on the series, he made it part of his job to try and keep everyone’s spirits up on set. Recounting his duties as a lead actor on the Halo series, he said, “It’s a huge job, from setting the tone on set down to the grueling task of waking up at the crack of dawn to work out, then go to shoot, and go home to work out some more. Nothing about it is easy, and I wouldn’t want it to be.”

The Halo series will see Pablo Schreiber as Master Chief, the most advanced solider fighting in a war in the 26th century. He’s battling aliens known as the Covenant. The adaptation is meant to appeal to those who may have never played the game, but is clearly also working to bring in the established fanbase. One way they’re doing that is by giving Master Chief game-accurate armor. Another way is by bringing Jen Taylor to the cast. The voice actress was Cortana in the games. She’ll be voicing the character in the new Halo series as well. Cortana serves as an advisor for Master Chief. She’s become a fan-favorite character.

The new series doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it’s said that fans can expect it to reach Paramount+ in early 2022. The people behind the Halo series have been dedicated to making this one happen for a while, and often said they want to get it right. Hopefully that will mean a pleasing series for fans in the end.