Halo Has Finally Revealed Master Chief Without A Helmet, See It Here

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago

halo series master chief

The Halo television series is off and running, and with that, they also announced the program would be engaging in the most controversial decision in franchise history. The series announced before its premiere that Master Chief would be taking off his helmet at some point during the show’s run. Well, that has already happened and the first-look image has been released by Paramount+. Without the helmet, Master Chief looks exactly like the actor Pablo Schreiber, which it is. Unfortunately, there is not a ton more going on with how the chief looks apart from looking exactly like Schreiber. You can see the first-look image below:

halo master chief

Unfortunately, there is nothing of note with how Master Chief looks without his helmet on. Quite honestly, we were likely all hoping to see some battle scars of some sort. The man has been at war in the Halo universe for quite some time, so maybe there could have been some visual scarring to help drive home the idea that he is this grizzled and battle-hardened leader for humanity. However, all we get is Pablo Schreiber. That is no way a dig at the man, as he is a fantastic actor. However, it may come as a disappointment to fans around the world that he looks like a soldier with the Spartan armor on.

The Halo series has already been picked up for a second season on Paramount+, though the fanbase is certainly divided in regards to how the series differs from the actual video game. One of the biggest differences is that Pablo Schreiber knows that Master Chief is meant to be discovered more in the series, and as such, that means he must take off his helmet and be filled with much more emotion than what has been given in the video game franchise. That is the most important distinction when thinking about the backstory of a video game versus a television series. The Halo game always left who Master Chief was to our own imaginations as it was a first-person perspective. The idea being we could think of ourselves as the character. Now the show must break that mystery and offer a full look at who Master Chief is.

It does stand to reason that the Halo series would then need to humanize Master Chief, and that was done specifically by allowing him to remove his helmet and appear as human to the audience watching. Now comes the difficult part of putting together a backstory that merits being turned into a super-soldier and becoming humanity’s last hope for survival. Those are some big shoes to fill, as Pablo Schreiber needs to show compassion and toughness all at once. However, with the series ongoing and a second season on the way, Paramount+ clearly understands that is where this show is headed.

Halo is currently streaming on Paramount+, with the first episode premiering today on the streaming platform. All subsequent episodes are to be released every Thursday from here on out. The first season is set to be nine episodes long, so fans will have to see when they will catch Pablo Schreiber without his helmet on.