See Michael Myers Unmasked In Halloween Ends

The trailer for Halloween Ends features an unmasked Michael Myers on the hunt.

By Vic Medina | Published

Fall is upon us, which means it’s the season for pumpkin spice, falling leaves, and Michael Myers returning for more bloody mayhem! Universal Pictures just dropped the final trailer for Halloween Ends, which hits theaters and the Peacock streaming service on October 14.

The trailer is a nice reminder of the 45-year history of the horror franchise, and a tease of the final battle between Michael and Laurie Strode, being played one last time by Jamie Lee Curtis.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Halloween Ends is set four years after the events of Halloween Kills, released last year, which (spoiler!) saw the death of her daughter Karen (Judy Greer) at the hands of Michael. As the new film opens, Laurie is trying to live a peaceful life with her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak), although Michael’s return forces her to seek a final showdown.

As the trailer teases, Laurie sees something different in the returning Michael, claiming “he’s more dangerous” than he was before. As we see Michael claiming more victims, Laurie is heard saying “Maybe the only way he can die, is if I die too,” as she and Michael face-off. In one surprising shot, we see a seemingly unconscious Michael, with Laurie standing over him, knife in hand, as she removes his mask for the final deathblow.

Halloween Ends also stars Will Patton (Yellowstone), Kyle Richards (reprising her role as Lindsey from the original 1978 film), and Omar Dorsey, with Michael Myers (aka “The Shape”) being played by both Nick Castle (who played Michael in the original film) and James Jude Courtney.

The film is directed by David Gordon Green and is written by Paul Brad Logan, Chris Bernier, Danny McBride, and Gordon Green, with characters created by John Carpenter and Debra Hill with Miramax and Blumhouse producing.

Earlier this summer, Giant Freakin Robot’s James Brizuela broke exclusive details of the plot of Halloween Ends, which revealed a shocking twist. Major spoilers follow for Halloween Ends, so be warned!

According to the report, Michael Myers is not the villain of the film, at least not how audiences expect. Instead, a new character, a bullied kid named Corey (played by Rohan Campbell) comes across a weakened Michael, who never recovered from the near-death beating he took at the end of Halloween Kills.

Corey takes on the Michael Myers persona, by literally donning the mask, and continues his reign of murder and mayhem, targeting those who bullied him.

Needless to say, test audiences who saw an early cut of Halloween Ends were not pleased, and it’s not clear if Universal Pictures tried to fix the movie somehow before its release.

The Halloween reboot trilogy, which kicked off in 2018, has been a hit with audiences. Halloween (2018) earned over $255 million worldwide, with the sequel Halloween Kills bringing in over $131 million in a theatrical/streaming hybrid release that saw the film streaming on Peacock the same day it opened in theaters.

Halloween Ends will follow the same release plan, despite the pandemic’s waning effects, as Jamie Lee Curtis recently said they wanted to allow moviegoers reluctant to go back into theaters the chance to see the film as well.

Halloween Ends will only be available to subscribers to Peacock’s premium service.