See Halle Berry Show Off The Perfect Plunging Neckline In New Post

By Nathan Kamal | 2 weeks ago

Halle Berry The Call

Halle Berry does not hold a lot back. Whether that means going to an emotionally raw place for her Academy Award-winning performance in 2001’s ​​Monster’s Ball or having the peculiar courage to do that weird one-on-one basketball scene with Benjamin Bratt in 2004’s Catwoman, Halle is willing to put it all out there. Fortunately for us as a species, she is also willing to put some daring and risque looks on social media. In particular, she recently posted a set of pictures on Instagram of herself in a metallic jumpsuit with an absurdly plunging neckline. It is quite the thing to behold, so check out Halle Berry here and thank us for the sight:

Wow. Just wow. In the first picture, Halle Berry is decked out in a metallic silver jumpsuit by Amen Style. The legs flare out in a 1970-influenced, nearly bell-bottom style, while the sleeves peek over her wrists and rings. Her rings and earrings are tagged as being by Mara Paris, Pasquale Bruni, while her current silver-fringed, Storm-throwback hairstyle is by Sara Tess and makeup is by Jorge Monroy. The jumpsuit itself has a brilliantly shimmering, party streamer-like pattern, and wraps around her midriff with a simple tuck. But who are we kidding? The only thing that anyone could possibly pay attention to here is the neckline of the jumpsuit that dives all the way down to her waist, leaving a jaw-dropping amount of flawless skin visible. In the second slide, Halle Berry all but dares us to gape with a closer shot of her chest, accentuated by a small golden cross on a chain nestled down below. The third slide pulls back only slightly, framing Halle Berry’s legendary figure against the ocean waves behind her. 

Okay, we are just going to take a breath and process Halle Berry’s jumpsuit for a moment. The caption to the post reads “Life ain’t always perfect but this damn jumpsuit is” followed by a hand-clapping emoji, and we certainly will not have any debate with the star of Cloud Atlas about this. Berry has been an international sex symbol and style icon since her film breakthrough in 1992’s Eddie Murphy romantic comedy Boomerang, and thirty years of perfecting her grace have certainly rendered her, well, perfect. 

It almost seems unfair that Halle Berry seems as fun and humorful as she is staggeringly gorgeous. Just recently, she posted her delighted surprise that her 2013 film The Call is crushing it on Netflix, and she really put it like only Berry could. The once and maybe future Ororo Munroe has also expanded her creative work in the last several years, making her directorial feature film debut with the Netflix film Bruised. In that movie, she portrayed a former boxer working to reconnect with her young son, to critical praise. Last year, she teamed up with Patrick Wilson to star in Roland Emmerich’s action science fiction film Moonfall. In that movie, she portrayed a ​​Deputy Director of NASA, who has to fight the moon (basically). Currently, she is filming The Mothership, in which she plays a woman who finds an extraterrestrial object beneath her family farm.