Halle Berry Faces A Shocking Disaster In Space In The First 5 Minutes Of Moonfall, See It Here

By Doug Norrie | 12 seconds ago

halle berry moonfall

Halle Berry has shown the ability to play all kinds of roles on the big screen. She’s been in superhero movies, Academy Award winners, action sets, drama turns, and really everything else in between. Heck, she just finished up a run as an MMA fighter. So playing an astronaut? That should be a pretty easy lift for the actress who is about as good as it gets in the industry. And we have our first chance to see her up in space in the latest look at her upcoming film, Moonfall. The first five minutes of the film were just released and they promise a science-fiction flick with a pretty scary premise. 

The first five minutes of Moonfall set us up in space with three astronauts going through their typical shuttle life, making some repairs, and generally just kibitzing about the vagaries of life orbiting around our big blue orb. There’s Halle Berry as Jo Fowler, Patrick Wilson as Brian Harper, and Frank Fiola as Marcus. Things are all good to start, heck they are evening singing along to Toto’s “Africa”. But that’s all going to change in a heartbeat and we get a sense that a sinister force is out there in the universe, something that can definitely affect the fate of the Earth and mankind. Check out Halle Berry and company in the first five minutes of Moonfall. 

It isn’t totally clear what the black, almost amoeba-like force that attacks Halle Berry and crew on their ship actually is. But it sure doesn’t appear to have good intentions, if it has intentions at all. And by the end, we realize that whatever this force is, it’s coming directly from the moon. Could there be something under the surface there that we don’t know about? In the realm of science fiction, it’s all fair game along these lines. Whatever it is that’s attacked the ship, has also knocked the moon off its course and sends it hurtling towards Earth. You don’t have to be an astronomer to know this is a pretty bad thing. 

Moonfall is the latest movie from director Roland Emmerich who’s made his career around films in which huge stuff goes way wrong. This is his first time working with Halle Berry but his list of science-fiction/ disaster films is pretty long. He’s done flicks like The Day After Tomorrow, 2012, Independence Day, White House Down, Godzilla, and most recently Midway. Each one is based on things getting a whole lot worse before they get better. It stands to reason that’s the case with Moonfall as well. 

As for Halle Berry, she is just coming off a very different kind of film that saw the actress make her first run behind the camera as well. That was in Bruised which was released on Netflix last month. It’s the story of an MMA fighter working to get back into the ring and also salvage a relationship with her son. Reviews for the film were mixed with the Rotten Tomatoes score sitting at 50%. 

Halle Berry’s trip to space in Moonfall is right around the corner. The film is set to release on February 4th of next year. With a budget of a reported $150 million, there are big goals for this movie that could pose a frightening premise, the moon crashing into us. Hopefully, Berry and company can put a stop to it.