See Halle Berry Return to Sci-Fi In The Moonfall Trailer

By Michileen Martin | 7 seconds ago

Halle Berry

Three months after the premiere of her directorial debut Bruised on Netflix, Halle Berry’s next leading role brings her back to the sci-fi genre. Berry stars as former astronaut Jo Fowler in the upcoming disaster epic Moonfall. Less than a month away from the film’s release, Lionsgate dropped a pulse-pounding Moonfall trailer filled with action, amazing effects, and a lot more laughs than previous teasers. It also reveals a bit more about the plot and the characters involved.

While Halle Berry is the lead of Moonfall, the actor who really gets to shine in the newest trailer is John Bradley of Game of Thrones fame — he played the bookish Samwell Tarly on the series. The new trailer opens with Bradley’s KC Houseman, and it soon becomes clear that he’s meant to be the comic relief of the film. We learn that Houseman isn’t a part of NASA, though he somehow has access to the information about the disaster coming from the Moon that the agency apparently doesn’t have. We see and hear a lot more from Bradley than in any of the previous trailers, including learning he has a lot more issues with using smartphones in space shuttles than you’d think. You can watch the trailer below.

We also hear a lot about secrets and conspiracies involving the threat coming from the Moon, which we got as taste of in the November Moonfall trailer that featured more of Donald Sutherland’s character. We see more of the worldwide destruction coming in the flick, and we get to see parts of how Halle Berry, John Bradley, and Patrick Wilson become a team of heroes. And it’s all presented with a loud, exciting, and heavy metal flavored remix of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s classic “Bad Moon Rising.”

The man directing Halle Berry and the rest of the cast is one who’s spent quite a few films nearly destroying the Earth. Roland Emmerich, perhaps best know for the alien invasion classic Independence Day, directs Moonfall, and calls it a mix between Independence Day and 2012. Emmerich had taken a break from the disaster genre, instead helming the 2019 war film Midway. But now he’s back to pulverizing cities.

Moonfall is part of what’s proving to be a well-earned high point in Halle Berry’s career. In November she directed and starred in the sports drama Bruised for Netflix, and within the first five days of its release, Netflix users had logged in 47.7 million hours streaming the movie. The views drove Bruised to the #1 movie spot in over 20 countries, and #2 on the global English film list. Netflix responded by making a lucrative deal with Berry for the actress to continue starring in and producing more Netflix original films.

But rather than fighting MMA competitors like in Bruised, starting February 4 you can see Halle Berry fighting threats from orbit in Moonfall. Along with the actors already mentioned, the film stars Michael Peña (Ant-Man), Charlie Plummer (Lean on Pete), Wenwen You (Twenty), Eme Ikwuakor (Inhumans), Carolina Bartczak (X-Men: Apocalypse), Maxim Roy (October Faction), Stephen Bogaert (American Psycho), and Azriel Dalman (Debris).