See The Trailer For Gunther’s Millions, Netflix’s Next Tiger King 

Netflix has released the trailer for Gunther's Millions - a docu-series about a millionaire dog and the bizarre events that surrounded it.

By Sckylar Gibby-Brown | Published

Netflix executives probably didn’t know what a hit they had on their hands when they released Tiger King in 2020. The true crime show about the interconnected society of big cat conservationists starring Carol Baskin and Joe Exotic ended up becoming one of the biggest Netflix successes ever, with more than 34 million people tuning in to watch in the first 10 days of the show’s release. Since then, the streaming platform has been searching for its next Tiger King, and it may have found it with Gunther’s Millions, soon to be airing on Netflix.

Gunther’s Millions is the newest addition to Netflix’s collection of weird documentaries. It’s a show about a German Shepard named Gunther, who just so happens to be the world’s richest dog. But as the trailer for the new docuseries reveals, there is a much darker side to the story than simply being about a trust fund puppy.

The Gunther’s Millions Netflix trailer opens with an adorable glimpse at the German Shepard in question as a voice-over explains how this dog became a multi-millionaire. As it turns out, the pup inherited his fortune from the wealthy German Countess Karlotta Leibenstein, who left her beloved dog $80 million in 1992. Seeming to have a penchant for entrepreneurship, Gunther somehow turned that $80 million into a net worth of $400 million, thus not only becoming the world’s richest dog but also in the top 1% of all living beings.

Just what does this dog do with his large accumulation of wealth? The Gunther’s Millions Netflix trailer shows audiences glimpses of this rich canine lounging on yachts, eating chef-prepared meals on a private jet, and chilling in gorgeous pools—pretty much, he’s living his best life. Which is where the drama comes in. 

Apparently, the people the Countess left to manage Gunther wanted the pup to live “the best lifestyle possible,” which somehow meant hiring a group of young and pretty, up-and-coming pop stars to live with the German Shepard in his mansion. It’s a little weird, sure, but it gets weirder. As the Gunther’s Millions Netflix trailer shows, the pop stars living with the dog had to live a strict lifestyle that followed certain “commandments,” and they were also encouraged to have sex with each other while being monitored at all times as if they were on a strange reality show

gunther's millions netflix
From the trailer for Gunther’s Millions

As scenes in the Gunther’s Millions Netflix trailer flash on the screen, the show quickly goes from “Aw, cute, a rich dog” to “Is this a cult?” really quickly. The trailer shows interviews with dozens of people associated with the dog, each of their statements strategically cut off to unearth more questions than they answer. Although the answer to one burning question was revealed—Gunther is a clone! This explains how this millionaire mutt has been alive for more than 30 years.

Although this big reveal was spoiled in the Gunther’s Millions Netflix trailer, this goes to show that there is way more interesting drama than that waiting to be divulged throughout the series. The trailer may have hinted at one element that will later be exposed when one line mentions something about “engineering a new breed of man.” To find out what they meant by this and what other juicy details are in store, audiences will have to wait until the series is released on Netflix on February 1.