Gundam Returns With An Exciting New Anime Series

By TeeJay Small | Published

Gundam Build Metaverse

The latest Gundam series is preparing for a massive premiere, according to the latest trailer from the official Gundaminfo YouTube channel. The latest series, Gundam Build Metaverse, will be combining the franchise with the world’s latest technology, allowing a more interactive experience for anime fans than ever before. This is just one of many new projects planned to be released within the metaverse under the Gunpla Colony banner.

Gundam Build Metaverse is the latest addition to the long-running franchise, focusing on virtual Gunpla battles.

In addition to Gundam Build Metaverse, fans are also expected to receive updates regarding Gunpla, E-Sports, music, and a wide variety of other supplementary materials sure to take this virtual experience to the next level. Gundam Build Metaverse is set to focus on characters who battle one another using blasting Gundam models within the metaverse.

Thanks to the long-standing Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, which has popularized the hyperrealistic use of mech suits within media and art, Gundam Build Metaverse seems to be transitioning seamlessly into this new platform. Since its inception in the 1970s, the Gundam franchise has branched out into television, novels, films, music, and other forms of interactive art. Given that the series has long held its place as one of the most groundbreaking animes, the trailer already has fans clamoring for more information regarding the future of the franchise.

Gundam Build Metaverse is a celebration of 10 years of the Gundam Build seres.

Beyond recent outings such as The Witch From Mercury and the upcoming Gundam Build Metaverse, Gundam also has a pair of new anime projects expected to arrive on screen in the next year or so, including Gundam: Requiem For Vengeance and Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Freedom. For now, very little is known about the upcoming shows, though the wait won’t be long, as the premiere of Gundam Build Metaverse is expected to arrive on the official Gundam YouTube channel as early as October 6.

Gundam Build Metaverse

The October 6 release was chosen to honor the franchise, as the date also signifies the 10-year anniversary of the Gundam Build series. The second and third episodes of Gundam Build Metaverse are slated for an October 20 release, with future installments planned to drop shortly thereafter. The official description for Gundam Build Metaverse was recently revealed to fans, allowing them to prepare for the upcoming series as well as engage with future installments in the Gundam franchise.

Beyond recent outings such as The Witch From Mercury and the upcoming Gundam Build Metaverse, Gundam also has a pair of new anime projects expected to arrive on screen in the next year…

According to the description, Gundam Build Metaverse will focus on a new internet service within the world of Gunpla, which allows users to control avatars within the metaverse. Once a user chooses and customizes a unique avatar, they can interact with other users, engage in a Gunpla battle, purchase Gunpla for use in future battles, and more. The series will center on a young boy named Rio Hojo, who is divided between his love of researching and building Gunpla within the real world and following his wise mentor within the metaverse.

If you’re prepared to step into the Gundam Metaverse and see what happens next with Rio and his team, be sure to tune in for the October 6 release of Gundam Build Metaverse‘s first episode. The YouTube trailer is already rife with comments from fans who are anxiously marking their calendars.