The Gritty Crime Fantasy Police Series On Hulu Sure To Leave You Sobbing

By Nina Phillips | Published

Religion plays a vital part in society, and many times, people will choose to watch or not watch something due to the religious views in the series or movie. However, some media is so good that it deserves to be watched by everyone regardless. While Saving Grace is a show centered around religious themes, the show still offers plenty of entertainment for anyone looking for a dark and emotional police crime drama. 

A Cop With One Chance To Save Her Soul

Saving Grace centers around a detective in Oklahoma City, Grace Hanadako (Holly Hunter). She tends to get into a lot of trouble thanks to her anger, as well as her promiscuity and heavy drinking. One day, she gets too drunk and ends up killing a pedestrian while drinking and driving. 

That’s when she meets her “last chance” guardian angel, Earl (Leon Rippy). His purpose is to help her find God again and move away from her self-destructive tendencies. She believes herself beyond saving, but Earl works hard to prove that underneath her bad habits, she cares a lot about the people around her, including her coworkers, family, and the people she helps.

Grace Is A Complicated Character And One Of The Best Ever

As viewers watch Saving Grace, they start to see it too. What people see initially as a selfish and carefree person is only a mask for the person who’s dealing with pain and trying to help her friends. She may not be good at handling her emotions or taking crap from rude people, but she tries, and sometimes fails, to be there for all of the people she cares about. 

A Talented Cast Of Veteran Actors

Nancy Miller created Saving Grace, but Holly Hunter, the main actor, was heavily involved in the show as an executive producer. In addition to Grace and her guardian angel, other cast members include Kenny Johnson (The Shield), Bailey Chase (Longmire), Laura San Giacomo (Just Shoot Me!), Gregory Cruz (Without a Paddle), and Dylan Minnette (13 Reasons Why). 

Promotes Religion But Has A Wide Appeal

While this is a series promoting religion, they don’t talk about how easy it is to believe in God and redemption. Most of the main characters of Saving Grace have had horrible experiences in their past, including sexual assault and seeing horrible things done to children while working as an undercover detective.

For anyone sensitive to more traumatic storylines, this might be a show worth skipping because they don’t hold back on some of the horrors of the world and the things police have to deal with. 

Streaming On Hulu


Still, Saving Grace is about finding a way to be good and make the right choices in a world full of horrors. To be a good person, you don’t have to somehow heal from all your past traumas but just stand above them.

Though all of the themes are religious, and the entire point of the show centers around Grace being saved, Saving Grace is a good series for anyone to watch, as it plays a little loose and hard with the rules of religion and focuses more on one woman finding the strength to overcome her past traumas by relying on the people who care for her. 

On Rotten Tomatoes, this TV series has an average audience score of 67 percent. Critics liked it a bit more, giving it a 76 percent. If you want to watch Saving Grace and have your heart wrenched out, it’s available to stream on Hulu; just be sure to bring your tissues.