A Fan-Favorite Grey’s Anatomy Actor Is Returning

By Faith McKay | 1 week ago

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Grey’s Anatomy has just aired its season 18 premiere episode. Fans are currently unsure whether this will be the medical drama’s last, which makes every episode all that more meaningful after all these years. Last season, the show tackled the coronavirus pandemic. This season, the show is taking place in a fictional post-pandemic world. Dr. Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) has survived a severe case of COVID. For the series premiere, she is attending an event in Minnesota. That’s when she sees Dr. Nick Marsh. Even fans of the show might not recognize that name, but they’ll know his face when they see him. Dr. Nick Marsh was seen in one episode of Grey’s Anatomy in season 14, but he left a lasting impression on fans. Now, the character is back, and this time, he’s going to be a series regular.

Dr. Nick Marsh is a transplant surgeon played by Scott Speedman. In the season 18 premiere, Meredith sees Nick across the room at an event in Minnesota. Though her character seems to have a relationship with Cormac Hayes, it’s still a light flirtation, and when she talks to Nick, she tells him that she’s not seeing anyone. This seems to be setting Grey’s Anatomy up for a love triangle this season. If the show is ending, this may also be leading to Meredith ending up with a man at the series finale. Fans have been curious whether the show will end with Meredith Grey happily remarried or single at the end of the show.

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In an interview with Deadline, Scott Speedman shared more about how he got the role in the first place back in season 14. He took on the part fully understanding that it would only be one episode. Speedman is friends with Ellen Pompeo. She sent him the script and he thought it would be fun. At the time, he didn’t understand that Grey’s Anatomy fans would love his performance, the flirtation between the characters, and want to see him back.

He’s not the only character returning this season. Grey’s Anatomy is also seeing the return of three other characters. One is Meredith’s mother, played by Kate Burton. Though her mother passed away during an early season, she often returns for flashbacks or for scenes that take place inside Meredith’s dreams. Abigail Spencer, who plays Owen’s sister, Megan, is also returning. Another major return is Kate Walsh, who is playing Addison. Kate Walsh’s character has always been particularly popular. She had her own spinoff series that lasted six seasons called Private Practice.

For many of the early seasons of Grey’s Anatomy, Kate Walsh and Ellen Pompeo played in a love triangle with Patrick Dempsey. Her return at a time when Pompeo’s character may again be entering a love triangle seems fitting. If Kate Walsh’s character begins advising Meredith as she navigates her new relationship with Dr. Nick Marsh, and possibly Cormac Hayes, it would seem like a fitting touch after all these years. Having the show end with Addison and Meredith bonding might be one of the elements that bring the show full circle. For now, fans are still waiting for news to know if this really, truly, is the show’s final season.