The Greatest DC Story Ever Finally Getting Made Into A Gigantic Blockbuster?

Shazam actor Zachary Levi said he would love to take part in a Kingdom Come movie in the DC Universe.

By Robert Scucci | Updated

DC’s Kingdom Come

Zachary Levi has shown interest in reprising his Shazam role for a possible upcoming big-screen adaptation of the Kingdom Come DC property. A recent interview with Den of Geek reveals Levi’s dream role, in which he says “Kingdom Come would be amazing.” The only concern the Fury of the Gods star has is that he wants to do right by the property’s fan base by staying true to the character who has been beloved by diehard fans for decades.

This may seem like a daunting task, but Levi has the potential to carry his portrayal of Shazam into legendary status should Kingdom Come move onto further stages of development in the DC universe. All he has to do is yell “Shazam!” and success is pretty much guaranteed. Well, there’s that whole writing, funding, and principal photography thing that needs to be done as well, but Levi’s participation is absolutely crucial.

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Levi expresses his enthusiasm for the role, stating that his Shazam character is almost like DC’s version of Deadpool in the sense that he’s a little more subversive than the typical superhero. However, unlike Deadpool, his role as Shazam is more family-friendly and doesn’t sport the R-rating that alienates a younger audience, which would likely yield positive results for a potential Kingdom Come DC film adaptation. And he’s right to say that because the PG-13 Shazam properties are some of the most highly rated and positively reviewed films in the DC universe.

In light of recent concern over a series of tweets from Levi, fans found themselves wondering if his relationship with DC was coming to an end, but it’s since been cleared up that there’s nothing to worry about. Should a Kingdom Come adaptation come to fruition in the DC universe, Levi is the guy to portray Shazam, which is why he’s always working on his physique for the role. Simply put, Levi is the right guy for the role, but maybe John Cena can audition for an understudy role just in case anything goes south.

For those in need of a quick Shazam primer to prepare for Kingdom Come, we’ll break the DC story down for you. Shazam is the alter-ego of a young boy named Billy Batson, who gets struck by a magical thunderbolt upon uttering the name “Shazam,” which gives him access to six different powers of Greek mythology. In fact, Shazam is actually an acronym, each letter representing Solomon, Hercules, Atlas, Zeus, Achilles, and Mercury.

On the comic side of things, Kingdom Come was a four-issue release under DC in 1996. The events took place in the future where our favorite Justice League supes have retired. Dark and more akin to the villains they are used to facing off against, the new heroes in charge have lost most of their moral compass.

This may seem like a lot to take in, but you don’t need to be a mythology expert to strap in for the family-friendly romp that the Fury of the Gods star offers. And despite the rumors of yet another DC restructuring, Levi states that he’s in for the long haul and will continue to play Shazam for the foreseeable future. Whether Kingdom Come comes to fruition or not in James Gunns’ DC universe is still up for debate, but Levi himself says that he’s one with the franchise and will continue to be a part of any project involving the beloved alter-ego of Billy Batson.