Fans Have Grant Gustin Trending To Replace Ezra Miller In The Flash

Fans have Grant Gustin trending right now and it's because they want him to replace Ezra Miller in The Flash movie

By Mark McKee | Published

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Warner Bros. Discovery is in a tough spot. While a lot of the current news and focus is going toward the merger of the two companies leaving a bevy of cancelations in its wake, WBD has an even bigger problem on the horizon for already completed films. Sure, the $90 million Batgirl film, labeled irredeemable, seems like a colossal waste of time, money, and hype the fans were on board for, but what can they possibly do with the $200 million Flash movie that has even more irredeemable problems? Fans on Twitter seem to think they have an idea of how to save the film and eliminate the biggest problem, Ezra Miller. Their idea? Recast Grant Gustin as The Flash, and bring his stellar TV character to the big screen. 

The Hollywood Reporter released that WBD is considering three different options with Flash. The first is to have Ezra Miller return to his home, give a short statement of remorse, and enter treatment while doing limited press for the film. The second is to release the movie and have Miller do no press for the film, cutting ties with him entirely and opting for a recast. And the third is to scrap the $200 million movie the same way they did Batgirl. Fans have voiced their choice, and it is option four, which looks a lot like option 2, only they added the recast be current CW Barry Allen, Grant Gustin aka The Flash. 

@tripodscorpion went to bat for Grant Gustin as The Flash by adding the fourth option to the list. Other posts accuse WB of casting a real-life supervillain to play the Scarlet Speedster and ignoring Gustin, who has portrayed Barry Allen for nine seasons, to overwhelmingly positive audience reception. With news breaking that Ezra Miller is still shooting scenes for the film’s reshoots, it has fans wondering what will happen. And what they could be reshooting. Could they be shooting scenes setting up the replacement of Miller with someone else?

Forbes writer Paul Tassi pitched an idea to cast Grant Gustin in a comedy film to save Flash and get it to the theaters before it adds the final nail in the already closed and sealed coffin containing the DC Extended Universe. Others weighed in as well.

While the mounting problems Ezra Miller faces and continues to cause seem insurmountable, it is far from the only problem facing the franchise. And Grant Gustin as The Flash wouldn’t solve all of it. Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom star Amber Heard has received bad publicity in her famously documented defamation case against her former husband, Johnny Depp. It wasn’t long ago that the magnifying glass concentrated the sunbeam on her with a petition to remove her from the film entirely. Never in the minds of the fans did they ever dream they would be longing for the days when that was the biggest problem facing their beloved franchise. While we were expecting the entire DC franchise to get scrapped along with the rest of the cancelations in favor of a new start, they instead released a 10-year plan to save it. Maybe Grant Gustin is the hero we need.