Grant Gustin’s Flash Getting A Movie?

By Drew Dietsch | 3 months ago

grant gustin flash

Grant Gustin will go down in history as the definitive version of Barry Allen a.k.a. The Flash for a certain generation. His tenure as the character on television has cemented his legacy in superhero cinema and it is very likely he will be viewed as a gold standard for future iterations of the character. However, it is also worth praising just how resilient and beloved the Arrowverse version of the DC universe has been ever since its conception ten years ago with the series Arrow. With over a decade of established characters, stories, and worlds to pick from, it is kind of surprising that the Arrowverse hasn’t considered branching out into feature films and seeing if the audience is there for such endeavors. If a new rumor is true, that is actually a plan that is in the works and Grant Gustin might be leading the charge.

Insider Daniel Richtman is reporting that The CW is contemplating whether or not to do films based on the Arrowverse properties. A big contender for this would be Grant Gustin’s version of The Flash. It has been the most consistent series on their DC roster and continues to be enjoyed by the fanbase. The show is also planning some big changes that could alter its future in a way that might set itself up for a feature film. There is plenty of material to mine and we could be seeing Grant Gustin pop up in The Flash anyways. That movie has finally begun production and everything we hear about seems to point to some alternate universe shenanigans. This could be the stepping stone to seeing the TV version of The Flash make his way to the world of movies.

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But, Grant Gustin is supposedly not the only one who is getting considered for an Arrowverse movie. Richtman is saying that any number of CW/DC shows could be up for the feature film treatment. Which ones, in particular, remain a mystery but we would hope something like Swamp Thing could get a revival. Perhaps that would be a better avenue for that story than a television series. Or maybe a Batwoman movie would be more enticing to viewers than the current show seems to be according to ratings. Maybe a feature film would not be tied to one specific character or group, but instead could act like the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event and be a giant melting pot of all the different DC superheroes. With little else to go on, we are in full speculation mode with this bit of rumor.

Still, Grant Gustin seems like the best candidate. He has put in almost a decade’s worth of work as The Flash and it would be great to see him be rewarded with an entire movie. And if he does end up making an appearance in The Flash film, it is a perfect setup for less familiar audiences to give him a shot in a movie that focused on him. We really hope that he gets the shot to prove just how great he is in the role with a feature film.