Stranger Things Star Taking A Break From Acting For A Heartbreaking Reason

Grace Van Dien, who played the cheerleader Chrissy in Stranger Things Season 4, is taking a break from acting after revealing that she was sexually harassed on a movie set.

By Melissa Murphy | Updated

Many fans fell in love when they first saw Grace Van Dien appear on Stranger Things as Eddie Munson’s (Joseph Quinn) love interest. The actress, who also streams on Twitch, made a recent announcement that she will be taking a step back from acting for the time being and focus more of her time on streaming, according to Variety. The star explains how she is being more selective with what acting projects she takes on after alleging she was sexually harassed on a movie set. 

In a recent Twitch stream, Grace Van Dien says she turned down four movie roles in the past two and a half weeks. The actress reportedly decided to take a step back from acting after a bad experience on the set of a film. She alleges that one of the producers made sexual advances toward her, asking her to have a threesome with him and another woman.  

Grace Van Dien turned him down, but the event left her shaken. Now the actress is better at vetting her projects to help ensure something like that will not happen to her again. For now, that means focusing her energy on things she can control, like streaming on Twitch. 

The actress explains in her live stream that streaming is better for her mental health. She doesn’t have to deal with other people who may have questionable intentions and she can stay in the comfort of her own home. For fans that may be disappointed they won’t be seeing Grace Van Dien on another series like Stranger Things anytime soon, the actress teased that she has some of her own projects in the works.

Fans will have to keep their fingers crossed that the projects get funded so we can see Grace Van Dien return to the big screen soon. For the actress, working on her own projects gives her the sense of control that she needs right now. She can choose who she wants to work with and call the shots around the set. 

These allegations of sexual assault are only the latest event to shake the star’s career. After Grace Van Dien appeared on the hit series Stranger Things as cheerleader Chrissy Cuningham, she received backlash from fans. Many did not like the way she portrayed her character and took to social media to vent their frustrations. 

Grace Van Dien received the brunt end of many misogynistic comments from fans, prompting her Stranger Things co-star Joseph Quinn to come to her defense. In addition to her time on Stranger Things Season 4, Grace Van Dien recently played a role in both V for Vengeance and the Toronto Film Festival selection What Comes Around.

While the actress is not adding anything new to her schedule, fans can still see her in a few upcoming films. Grace Van Dien is set to appear in Alaska and Aaah! Roach!, both of which are in post-production. Fans can always tune into Grace Van Dien’s Twitch streams for a more authentic look into the actress’s persona than seen on movies and shows like Stranger Things.

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We aren’t likely to see Grace Van Dien back on Netflix’s hit show again, but Millie Bobby Brown and the rest of the crew will be back for Stranger Things Season 5.