See The Actress Cast As DC’s New Female Robin

By James Brizuela | 2 months ago


The CW is currently putting together yet another show that is related to DC comics property. The newest comes in the form of the Batman spin-off series, Gotham Knights. The new series follows the murder of Bruce Wayne, with Wayne’s adopted son coming in to form alliances with the children of Batman’s former enemies. The casting announcements have steadily been coming in and the newest was just added. Anna Lore, who is most famous for All American, has been tapped to appear in the pilot for the show as Stephanie Brown. For those not familiar with Stephanie Brown, she would become the fourth Robin and fourth Batgirl in the comics.

anna lore gotham knights

Anna Lore has plenty of experience on the CW already, as she is one of the stars of the hit show, All American. Now she is set to jump over into the DC universe by playing one of the leads in the Gotham Knights show. Lore is also suiting up to be a fan-favorite Robin as well. Stephanie Brown has always been of the most beloved versions of Robin, and this will be the second time in a live-action Stephanie Brown will be shown. The first was during a brief stint in the Batwoman show. Brown is also the second female Robin, next to Carrie Kelley from Frank Miller’s Batman: The Dark Knight Returns. What’s interesting is that both Brown and Kelley will be appearing in the CW series. Carrie Kelly is being portrayed by Navia Ziraili Robinson.

Anna Lore being brought in as Stephanie Brown leaves the question about if she will be Robin in the series, or if it will fall to Carrie Kelley or the newly made-up lead role of Turney Hayes. Hayes is meant to be the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, so it stands to reason that he might take on the role of Robin himself. However, there are two canonized versions of Robin already cast in the show. Things might get a little messy, or it might be a fresh take that sees all three separate timelines Robins existing and fighting alongside one another. That would be a sight to see. With Bruce Wayne murdered and Gotham turning into a free for all for villains, anything can happen. One of the more notable Batman characters is Harvey Dent aka Two-Face, who is being portrayed by Supernatural’s Misha Collins. Harvey Dent being in the show makes sense due to another character by the name of Duela being cast. Duela is known to be Dent’s daughter in the comics.

It sounds as if the CW is pulling out all the stops for this new Gotham Knights show. So much so, that they are beginning to bring in canon characters from multiple timelines into existing all at once. With the multiverse going on in both DC and Marvel continuity, it might be the perfect time to throw every Batman character together in a huge mashup. Gotham Knights are currently in the pre-production stages so there is no telling when the pilot will premiere. However, look out for more casting announcements in the coming weeks and months.