God Of War Is Getting A Live-Action Series

By Doug Norrie | 2 months ago

god of war 5

When in doubt, turn to a video game adaptation. That’s been some of Hollywood’s marching orders for the better part of a couple of decades now and with the streaming wars kicking into high gear, it will probably be the case for the foreseeable future. And the latest, pretty huge news is that another very popular franchise of video games will now get a series adaptation. This could be one of the cooler offerings we’ve had in the genre. Deadline is reporting that Amazon is set to produce a God of War series on their streamer and we are about to get a ton of Kratos in our life. 

We could be entering a new age of video game adaptations coming in series form with a number of other highly-anticipated titles getting their own stories for different streamers over the next couple of years. And there’s good reason to be bullish on the God of War series really delivering for Amazon. That’s based on some of the creatives behind this live-action production as well as the video game story which has already been developed. For starters, Deadline has it that Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby are on to lead the adaptation after creating and developing the award-winning Amazon series, The Expanse. Plus, Rafe Judkins is on board as well, coming over from Amazon’s other big-budget offering, Wheel of Time. 

The God of War series will be based on the popular Playstation game franchise of the same name. The first offering came out for the first time all the way back in 2005 and has been one of the best performers for the company ever since. With a backbone in Greek mythology, the story follows Kratos, a Spartan Warrior who is something of an instrument for the Gods. In the original story, Kratos is sent on a mission to kill Ares, which he’s doing out of vengeance. All manner of Greek mythological characters are involved here beyond just the Gods and this is could be a visually compelling story with this time period at the core. 

god of war

There have been twelve God of Wars games in total over the years with the latest coming back in 2018. They’ve been critical hits for the gaming company with numerous Game of the Year awards along the way as well. And with more than 50 million titles sold, this is sure to have a core audience ready to tune in when it finally hits the streamer. 

While we are still in the very first stages of development for the God of War series, there’s a good chance we are looking at another big-budget play from Amazon along these lines. Considering the size and scope of the universe created in the games, it should lend itself to a high-value production, something Amazon has been well into lately. For starters, it’s estimated that they spent around $80 million on the first season of the aforementioned Wheel of Time. And then there is the upcoming Lord of the Rings series which is estimated to have cost around $465 million (you read that right) for the first season once licensing costs were factored in. 

In all, this is exciting news for what Amazon has planned with the upcoming God of War series. We are sure to get more news on the creative team and cast over the course of this year.