Is A GLOW Movie Actually Happening?

By Drew Dietsch | 9 months ago

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A GLOW movie sounds like the only way fans might be able to see the beloved Netflix show receive a proper sendoff. The wrestling comedy/drama was unexpectedly cancelled after receiving a fourth season order. But now, there is a growing movement to get a feature film off the ground.

During a Q&A panel discussing GLOW, cast member Marc Maron mentioned that doing a two-hour GLOW movie would allow the series to wrap up its big cliffhanger ending and provide a satisfying resolution for the characters. “I think it’s a great idea and I hope people rally enough behind it to raise the interests of the executives over there,” said Maron. Other cast members that were part of the panel reacted to this possibility with an enthusiastic, “Hell yes!”

It speaks volumes of the cast and crew when they are so supportive of making a GLOW movie in lieu of an entire whole season. It is clear that they are all deeply attached to their characters and the stories they were telling. The cast and crew all supported fans petitioning Netflix for a feature film, so it sounds like they want to close things out as best as they can.

A GLOW movie would certainly be easier to complete in the near future instead of committing to an entire season. Production had actually begun on the fourth season of GLOW, but it had to shut down back in March when the response to the coronavirus pandemic hit the United States in full force. The stars and creators all assumed they would be back to work once productions began to institute COVID-19 safety precautions, but Netflix decided it was too expensive to continue on with production. Not to mention that the specifics of GLOW required more risky interactions between cast members as far as infection possibility was concerned.

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The hope is that a large amount of fan support could persuade Netflix to give a GLOW movie the greenlight. Netflix has shown that they are open to this kind of persuasion in the past; Lucifer was able to be resurrected by Netflix after a significant showing of fan support. That was a show that Netflix had to acquire after being cancelled by Fox and it ended up getting three more seasons on the streaming platform. GLOW is a Netflix original program, so reviving it in some way would take a lot less work.

As of now, there has been no official response from Netflix about a GLOW movie. They have not responded to the calls from fans or GLOW creatives to revive the show in a feature film format. Hopefully, the enthusiasm and support for the show can stay at a strong enough level to get Netflix’s attention. If so, the perceived popularity and demand for GLOW could at least help the series get a proper sendoff. It would be devastating for fans to end their journey with GLOW on such a tempting cliffhanger of a finale. We here at Giant Freakin Robot hope the GLOW movie can manifest and deliver the kind of comeback we love to see.