Gina Gershon Cast As Major Character In Borderlands Movie

By Jason Collins | 1 week ago

gina gershon

The Borderlands movie officially commenced filming on April 1, 2021, with a fantastic cast filling the shoes of Borderlands’ most prominent characters. That initial cast is about to expand, as Lionsgate announced seven new cast additions, including the industry’s veteran, Gina Gershon.

According to Deadline, Lionsgate rounded out its cast by including Gina Gershon, Cheyenne Jackson, Bobby Lee, and a few other names to the movies’ existing cast comprised of Cate Blanchett, Kevin Hart, Ariana Greenblatt, and Jack Black. The 58-year-old star of Red Heat and Face/Off, Gina Gershon, said that she’s excited to work with such an incredible, top-notch cast, praising her colleagues and everything they’ll bring to the film. The movie already started filming, but its exact plot still remains a mystery, though it will probably base its narrative on the game, featuring several of its characters.

Gina Gershon will portray Mad Moxxi, a non-playable mission provider character from the game, who owns several drinking establishments within the game’s environment, and hosts Colosseum matches. Moxxi is everything but modest and mostly described as sadistic, lustful, alluring, and dangerous, but also very refined in her tastes and mannerisms, which always have a seductive tone. Despite that, she’s known to enjoy violence and combat, being a skillful fighter herself, with a friendly, compassionate, and even protective side of her seductive personality.


We still don’t know just exactly how much screen time Moxxi has in the upcoming Borderlands movie. However, given the character’s complexity, depth, and ongoing relationships with others set to appear in the film, she’s warranted at least a significant portion, mainly since she often played a crucial role in the franchise. Playing this violent and sadistic but also loving and protective character certainly requires talent – something Gina Gershon has plenty of. The actress is credited with over 140 appearances, with two awards and several nominations in her portfolio. We do not doubt that she’ll do Moxxi justice.

Borderlands movie is based on one of the world’s most successful video game franchises, which sold over 60 million copies worldwide, winning several industry awards. It was first announced in August 2015, much to the fans’ content, with Lionsgate developing the project with Arad Productions. Eli Roth, a horror genre’s director extraordinaire, was introduced to the project in February 2020 as the movie’s director. The movie’s initial cast, comprised of Blanchett, Hart, Greenblatt, Black, and Munteanu, was set when the filming commenced in April, 2021, with Gina Gershon Cheyenne Jackson, Bobby Lee, and others joining soon after. Production is happening in Hungary, and while some official announcements are coming out, like this new casting news, we’re watching the cast’s social media accounts as they share updates from behind the scenes.

With Gina Gershon “on board,” the cast is now complete, and the movie is under active development and production. With the cameras rolling, all we need is something to look forward to – a release date. However, there were no official confirmations regarding the release date or medium. According to speculations, we can expect to see Borderlands in late 2022/early 2023, possibly on both theatrical and streaming releases. One thing is sure, though – Gina Gershon makes for a fantastic Moxxi.