See Gina Carano Being Provocative On Set Of Her New Western

By Doug Norrie | 2 weeks ago

gina carano

When Gina Carano was fired from her role as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian last winter, we knew it wasn’t going to take her long to land another gig somewhere else. Almost the same day she faced the Disney ouster, she also signed on for new productions with another company. One of the films coming with that deal is currently underway filming and Gina Carano looks very much like she’s enjoying herself on the set. The actress was seen doing what Carano does best, trying to rile folks up in the latest shot from the film’s production. 

In a tweet posted by co-star Nick Searcy, Gina Carno is pictured with both Searcy and actor Tyler Fischer and the three of them are “greeting” fans in what looks like the only way they know how: flipping the bird. It all looks in good fun, without much in the way controversy here. But it does follow something of a similar theme for Carano whose provocative nature is a central part of her current branding. And it clearly is something production company The Daily Wire was interested in doing business with. Check out Carano and company below:

Terror on the Prairie is currently filming in Montana, having begun earlier this month. The story will follow Gina Carano as she and her family protect their farm from a group of invading outlaws looking to take over their land. From the log lines, it very much looks like we will get Gina Carano in full action mode here once again, just this time in a Western setting. In addition to Searcy and Fischer, the film will also star Samaire Armstrong and Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis. 

This upcoming movie from Gina Carano is part of the deal she signed with the conservative outlet The Daily Wire. That news came nearly in parallel to her being fired from the Star Wars franchise. The Daily Wire, looking to capitalize on its anti-cancel culture branding swooped in to sign the embattled, but popular star nearly right away. It’s part of a multi-film deal for Carano that will have her starring in the productions but also on as a producer as well. There is another movie, White Knuckle, that is also in the production pipeline. That one is reported to be some sort of revenge thriller. 

It’s unclear if we will ever see Gina Carano back with The Mandalorian. There have been rumors that the show doesn’t plan on killing off or recasting the character, but rather just ignoring her from upcoming stories. That would at least leave the door open for the actress to return at some point as Cara Dune, a wildly popular character on the series. Carano was fired last winter following a string of social media posts having to do with topics including possible election shenanigans, anti-mask mandates, and other hot button topics. Eventually, the negative press around Carano’s postings led to Disney dismissing her from her role on the show. From the looks of this most recent picture, Gina Carano has no plans to change who she is or who she wants to be in the eyes of the public. On this front, it’s working for her.