Gina Carano Has Begun Shooting Her New Western Movie

By Faith McKay | 4 hours ago

gina carano

Gina Carano is back to work as an actress and now producer. The actress previously played the role of Cara Dune on The Mandalorian. She was fired from the Star Wars show after a series of controversial social media posts. Shortly thereafter, she announced a new partnership with The Daily Wire. According to an exclusive report from Deadline and tweets by the actress, she is now filming her new movie with the company.

The Daily Wire brought Gina Carano on as both an actress and producer for the western movie Terror on the Prairie. The movie reportedly began filming this week. Just before she retweeted several news posts announcing that the movie was filming, she retweeted a fan who posted a picture with the actress. It looks as though the photo was taken on set. Notice the wooden buildings in the background appropriate for a western film.

Terror on the Prairie takes place in Montana. The western will tell the story of a pioneering family and the outlaws harassing them on their land. After a few attacks from the outlaws, Gina Carano’s pioneering family fights back. The movie is being directed by Michael Polish, who previously made Twin Falls Idaho. Rounding out the cast are Nick Searcy, Heath Freeman, Travis Mills, Matthis Hues, and Donald Cerrone. The movie will see a streaming release for members of on their website sometime in the spring of 2022. Voltage Pictures, the company behind The Hurt Locker, will be handling international outlets.

Many of Gina Carano’s fans are still hoping that she may return to The Mandalorian. Occasionally, the actress posts photos that look to be like something from Star Wars, and her followers excitedly wonder if she is hinting at a return to the Disney+ series where she played Cara Dune. We have yet to see a new season of the series without her, so it’s unknown how the show may handle her departure. For example, The Mandalorian could announce that her character has been killed off. Alternatively, the writers could attempt to write around Cara Dune with little mention of the character.

Whichever way The Mandalorian handles the missing character, it is likely that there will still be fans hoping for her return, whether in season three, four, or beyond. In a science-fiction series, it’s always possible for Gina Carano to return, even if they kill Cara Dune off. They could have her miraculously not have been dead after all, or they could do an episode or two that goes back in time. Because of this, some fans will always remain hopeful.

Disney has sounded like the matter, for them, is closed. They fired her after a series of controversial social media posts. The actress and now producer continues to post content that sparks controversy. A week ago, one of her posts was tagged with the misinformation tag on Twitter. Rather than lean away from her use of social media, she seems to be embracing it further. This likely means that her relationship with Disney has come to a close. However, Gina Carano is charging ahead with her new work at Daily Wire and, for now, that seems to suit.