See Gina Carano In Trailer For Her First Movie Since Star Wars Firing

By Doug Norrie | 3 months ago

gina carano terror on the prairie

After facing an ouster from her role as Cara Dune on The Mandalorian in the Star Wars universe a little more than a year ago, Gina Carano is staging a comeback on the big screen with a starring role for a relatively new production company. Though it doesn’t look like there are plans to return her to a galaxy far, far away anytime soon, this next movie certainly pivots the setting dramatically. And now we have our first look at the upcoming Gina Carano movie Terror on the Prairie coming from Daily Wire. Carano is front and center in this one which looks like a rather grim affair. 

In Terror on the Prairie, Gina Carano plays a woman living on the frontier as a pioneer, trying to forge a life in relative solitude. But there are bad actors around for sure and she needs to fight off more than a couple of threats in order to keep her family safe. From a Gina Carano role perspective, this kind of thing isn’t all that different than what we’ve seen her do in the past. Physically, she’s more than capable of handling her own (understatement) and that’s put on display in this first trailer. What’s different is the background, with Carano beginning the movie as what appears to be something of a mild-mannered prairie wife. Check out the first trailer for Terror on the Prairie. 

Are Gina Carano and Terror on the Prairie going to be headed up to the podium come awards season with this thing? Almost certainly not. But fans of the actress, to who this is obviously catered, will likely appreciate the action and Western vibe. And unlike action fare we’ve seen her in before, it doesn’t look like she enters this movie guns blazing from the start. If anything, there is a slow build, a more protective component from which Carano draws her ire. In this way, the role could be a bit deeper than we’ve seen from the actress in the past. And that’s always a good thing. Does it look like all that good of a movie? Nah. But it likely gets done what it sets out to do: give Gina Carano a lot of screen time. Mission accomplished. 

Gina Carano is set to release Terror on the Prairie at some point this summer. In addition to the lead, the movie will feature Nick Searcy, Heath Freeman, Samaire Armstrong, Donald Cerrone, Matthias Hues, and Gabriel-Kane Day-Lewis (Daniel’s son). It’s directed by Michael Polish with a script from Josiah Nelson. 

This opportunity for Gina Carano came around, in part, because of her highly-publicized dismissal from the Star Wars franchise last year. After a series of controversial social media posts about the pandemic and the US Presidential Election, the actress was fired from The Mandalorian. Almost immediately Gina Carano signed a deal with the Daily Wire’s fledgling movie production arm and this is the first of those films. It will be interesting to see how this one turns out. No doubt fans of the actress will be ready to get in line for a ticket (if it hits the big screen at all).