Gina Carano Just Posted A Photo Which Some Think Is Teasing A Star Wars Return

Gina Carano shared a curious photo that has everyone asking questions.

By Faith McKay | Published

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After being fired from The Mandalorian for her behavior on social media, Gina Carano no longer has to do a whole lot to have people curious about what she’s up to. There are a lot of things people look for when checking her social media these days. Has she said anything inflammatory? Has she partnered up for any new projects? And biggest of them all: will she ever play Cara Dune for Star Wars again?

In Gina Carano’s latest tweet, she manages to seemingly make a Star Wars reference without actually saying anything at all. If she was trying to make people curious, she did the job. Take a look at the tweet in question below.

Three suns. This is definitely something with meaning rooted in science-fiction, and there’s no way to deny that it feels like Star Wars. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that Gina Carano is rejoining the franchise. It doesn’t even mean she has an interest in the franchise. The Day of Three Suns on Moorjhone happens every ten years and is a day known for being unbearably hot, killing many. Maybe the former Star Wars actress is only saying, “Hey, it’s June in North America, and boy is it hot out here!”.

Of course, while that’s what it could mean if anyone else posted it, Carano knows that any mention of anything Star Wars is bound to have her followers asking about her return. So, what’s up? What does it mean? Is it about the weather? Is there reason to hope that Carano will play Cara Dune again? Is Disney stepping back on their decision to fire her from The Mandalorian?

As much as this tweet could be implying that, it still seems very doubtful that Gina Carano will be able to ever work on a Disney project again. It would be irresponsible to give any fans hope of that happening. There are many fans of Cara Dune who want that a whole lot. However, Carano has moved on and is working on new projects. She’ll always have been an actor in the franchise and continue to celebrate Star Wars, as evidenced by her post on May the Fourth in 2021. While The Mandalorian season three isn’t filming yet, so it’s technically still possible that the studio could walk things back, it’s a highly unlikely scenario. While some fans are boycotting Disney on Carano’s behalf, they’re a huge studio with a lot of power.

So what does Gina Carano mean in this post? It’s hard to say. This post does stand out, though. Mostly, her posts aren’t all that extraordinary. She uses social media a fair amount. Her fans get to know her. One of her most recent tweets was from the beginning of the weekend, where she posted a video of Tom Cruise in Risky Business, “sliding into the weekend” as he sings in that most famous scene. But what we can learn from that post, when compared to this one, is that she often uses a caption that makes clear what she’s talking about.

There’s nothing like a little vaguebooking to make your followers curious. Often, if you scroll past someone’s vague post that is clearly hinting at something more, you don’t want to buy into the call for attention. But then, curiosity gets the best of us. You give in and just have to comment ask, “Okay, what’s this about?” When the original poster has nearly a million followers, is a celebrity, and is well known for attention-grabbing social media behavior, the game completely changes. Gina Carano isn’t yet going to tell us what her latest tweet was about, but she has our attention.

This is the way.

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