Gina Carano Believes The Press Is Running A Smear Campaign Against Her

By Doug Norrie | 5 months ago

gina carano mandalorian

Gina Carano has had it with the press and major media outlets at this point. After a tumultuous month of messaging from the star actress, she’s taking it to the media streets and is just flat out accusing them of running a smear campaign against her. 

Gina Carano took to Twitter again (where a lot of this started) to let folks know her thoughts on some of the bad publicity she’s been receiving of late and how, all things considered, she had very few cares to give about the situation. Here’s her most recent tweet:

In this tweet, Gina Carano is referencing IMDb’s Starmeter page which claims to track the interactions and search tendencies for IMDb users on the site. Currently, Carano is sitting behind The Queen Gambit’s Anya Taylor-Joy in terms of popularity on the movie website. Whether this is a case of any publicity being *good* publicity is a little unclear and Carano’s recent bouts with the press could be fueling her IMDb star rise. But the actress clearly thinks it’s happening in spite of what she claims is the aforementioned smear campaign. 

Whether this is a coordinated media smear campaign targeting the actress or just your run-of-the-mill bad press cycle because the actress made some odd remarks isn’t totally clear. It might be that we are somewhere in the middle with Carano feeding the media fire and the latter happily hopping on board for the content opportunities. If anything, this is what has caused her to land so high on the IMDb list. If you look at other names around her, many of them have been in the news recently for a variety of reasons.   

Gina Carano’s recent run through the media headlines stems from a few other social media posts she made in the last month. The original tweet which started the backlash made references to a possible fraudulent Presidential election process while also throwing in some anti-mask verbiage for good measure. 

This immediately had fans of Gina Carano’s hit show The Mandalorian up in arms about the comments with some even calling for her ouster because of the controversial views. While that reaction might trend on the extreme side, it did put the actress in the news cycle because of what some deemed to be inappropriate viewpoints around the subjects. 

But unlike some other celebrities who’ve run afoul of the internet mob mentality, Gina Carano didn’t back off the statements or issue any apologies. In fact, it’s been quite the opposite. Instead, she essentially doubled-down on the topic, encouraging fans and opponents to just move on, because that’s what she was doing. (This is the PG version of her response. The actual one has a few more expletives). 

gina carano star wars

While Disney has been rather silent on the Gina Carano social media dust-ups, her fellow cast member Pedro Pascal did come out in her defense, complimenting the actress in an apparent show of support for her right to stand up for her opinions (however out of whack they might be). 

And then, to basically leave no doubt about where stood regarding the government, elections, COVID-19 and a few other hot button topics of late, Gina Carano tripled-down with another tweet:

The amount of ground she’s able to cover just in this short sentence is remarkable even if it likely had the sole intention of trolling a group of fans she knew would get fired up about the rhetoric. And though they weren’t publicly saying anything on the subject, there were rumors that Disney would want Gina Carano to apologize before confirming she’d come back for another season of The Mandalorian. 

The hit Disney+ show is about to wrap up its wildly successful second season on the streaming platform with plans to continue on with a third season in due course. Whether Gina Carano will return in her role as Cara Dune remains to be seen. If her claims of a media smear campaign are accurate, the story isn’t likely to die down anytime soon. That being said, this probably does fall on Carano to some degree to cease giving the press any more fuel to add to the fire.