See Gina Carano Behind The Scenes Of Her New Movie

By Faith McKay | 3 weeks ago

gina carano

Gina Carano has just finished filming her first movie since being fired from The Mandalorian. The new movie is a western called Terror on the Prairie which she’s making as part of her new partnership with the media company The Daily Wire. There hasn’t been a lot of peeks behind the scenes, but as filming comes to a close the actors on set are sharing a few first looks at the project.

You can see photos of Gina Carano and other cast members in the photos from Nick Searcy below. The actor says that filming Terror on the Prairie was the most fun he’d had on a set in decades.

The actress herself also shared a photo on her Instagram. You can see Gina Carano in costume and on set for the Western in the photo below.

The new Gina Carano movie, Terror on the Prairie, is about a pioneering family settling down in Montana. When they’re attacked by a group of vicious outlaws, the family must fight back for the lives they’re trying to build. The movie is set to release exclusively to members of The Daily Wire via streaming on their website in the spring of 2022. Gina Carano is both starring in and producing the project.

After Terror on the Praire, Gina Carano is set to work on White Knuckle, also for The Daily Wire. She’ll be producing and starring in White Knuckle as well, but this movie is said to be a thriller. Based on the novel by Eric Red, White Knuckle is a revenge story. When a trucker named White Knuckle attempts to kill Gina Carano’s character, she teams up with another trucker to go after the serial killer, end his reign of terror, and get her own revenge. It isn’t currently known when the thriller will begin production. Previously, it was believed that White Knuckle would be the first project post-Disney for Carano, but she surprised audiences by taking on Terror on the Prairie first. It’s expected that the thriller will begin production soon and that both of The Daily Wire’s Gina Carano projects will stream on their service in 2022.

Before she was fired from The Mandalorian, Gina Carano had made a series of controversial social media posts that had a lot of people talking about what was appropriate for an actor to share online. Despite how that went for her, the actress continues to share her views online and says she won’t be silenced. Occasionally, social media companies put tags on Gina Carano’s posts as warnings for misinformation, and it seems like she may be tempting a ban from sites like Twitter, but so far she remains active on her social media. Her new employer, The Daily Wire, seems to have signed her on knowing this was the case and embracing it, so the new employment seems to be working out for Gina Carano so far. Meanwhile, fans of her character on The Mandalorian are hopeful that Cara Dune may someday return.