Gina Carano Movie Abandoned Due To Fear Of Government Interference

By Tyler Pisapia | 3 weeks ago

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Gina Carano strapped on her conspiracy theory hat once again, and it once again cost her work. Her upcoming thriller with right-wing media company The Daily Wire has been postponed for the time being. 

After her high-profile departure from Disney’s Star Wars offshoot The Mandalorian, Gina Carano signed a deal with Ben Shapiro’s media company to produce and star in movies. The first film was previously slated to be a thriller based on the novel White Knuckle by Eric Red. The movie would have followed her as a survivor of a serial killer/trucker. Tormented by the trauma of the experience and frustrated with the police’s lack of ability to do anything about it, she teams up with a different trucker to track the murderer down and bring an end to his killing spree. 

Unfortunately, that movie isn’t going to happen any time soon for fear that the government would impose vaccine mandates on the production. In an announcement from The Daily Wire, producer Dallas Sonnier used right-wing talking points about mandates and the “precariousness” of the “current Hollywood landscape” as an excuse for the film being shelved temporarily. He also derided “remarkable overreach” of Hollywood’s “ruling class.” Many show business unions are indeed asking for vaccine mandates as well as negative testing and social distancing protocols be placed on working sets. While most productions have found a way to adapt, it seems Gina Carano, The Daily Wire and its new production arm don’t want to be bothered. At least not until the first quarter of 2022, that is. 

As a result, Gina Carano’s first film in partnership with The Daily Wire will be the western Terror on the Prairie. According to Deadline, the actress will star as one of the members of a pioneering family in the old west who finds themselves at odds with a gang of violent outlaws who are terrorizing them on their newly built farm on the plains of Montana. Michael Polish (Northfork, Force Of Nature) is directing Terror on the Prairie written by newcomer Josiah Nelson with casting by David Guglielmo (The Standoff At Sparrow Creek). In addition to starring in the film, Gina Carano will produce with the plan being to premiere the film to The Daily Wire’s members exclusively in the spring before letting it debut internationally. 

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The western will mark Gina Carano’s first project since getting the ax from Disney and Lucasfilm, as well as listing her representation by United Talent Agency. The reason had to do with some unsavory tweets she sent out that questioned the effectiveness of mask-wearing at the height of the coronavirus pandemic and another that suggested there was widespread voter fraud in the 2020 presidential election — both claims had no basis in fact. However, the tweet that ultimately spawned the hashtag #FireGinaCarano had to do with her comparing being a Republican in today’s society with being Jewish during the Holocaust. 

As a result of her political opinions and her belief that she should be free to espouse them, however meritless, to a bevy of young Star Wars fans, Gina Carano ultimately welcomed her firing and was eager to join Ben Shapiro in telling stories geared toward a more right-wing audience.