Gina Carano Gets Support From A Mandalorian Co-Star

By Dan Lawrence | 4 weeks ago

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The Mandalorian season 3 is on its way to Disney Plus. Pedro Pascal’s Bounty Hunter and little Grogu will be back for all Star Wars fans to enjoy. Not returning for the third season of the hit show is Gina Carano, following her termination by LucasFilm last year after a series of controversial social media posts. Despite the actress’s termination being a full year in the rear-view mirror, her Mandalorian co-star Bill Burr has recently voiced his support for the actress, ScreenRant reports.

ScreenRant cites an interview Bill Burr had with The Hollywood Reporter where he speaks at length regarding Gina Carano’s sacking from the Star Wars franchise: “I thought it was funny that the liberals proved her point. They just use outrage because they don’t like your politics. As someone who considers himself liberal, it’s disappointing to see the left become how the right used to be when they went after the Dixie Chicks after they criticized George W. Bush. There’s not a lot of people like that — most are just trying not to get in trouble — but there’s this small collection of lunatics — either on the right or the left, at any given moment – that cause hysteria. And now there’s so many [media outlets] that want eyeballs, they make money off advertising, that they give attention to these crazy fringe people.” Burr continues, and allegedly holds the view that being fired for one’s personal beliefs is unjust.

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What was the nature of Gina Carano’s rhetoric that led to her termination? As reported by The Scotsman, the MMA star turned actress came under fire for her alleged transphobic remarks, along with reportedly likening the prosecution of conservative political views to the Holocaust. Many of Carano’s divisive posts wound up being deleted from her account, but #FireGinaCarano quickly gathered momentum, and despite Pedro Pascal’s reported educating of Gina Carano on her alleged anti-trans views, the actress’s social media posts ultimately were the cause of her firing by LucasFilm.

Naturally this in turn caused a debate on Twitter on whether the firing of Gina Carano was justified. Some parties sided with Bill Burr and the often mentioned term “cancel culture” was used in several remarks. Others wholeheartedly supported the decision made by Disney and LucasFilm, among them was author John Pavlovitz, who used Twitter to rephrase that what many think of as being “cancel culture” was instead adult accountability.

The debate over the firing of Gina Carano and terminations of a similar nature will likely rage on for years on the Twittersphere. The argument of cancel culture versus accountability, and free speech over what some determine as hateful or painful rhetoric seems to be an endless loop in the advent of social media and the ever-widening scrutiny of Hollywood and the actions of those within. The media gaze and that of those who consume media are as watchful as ever and as Bill Burr reportedly claims in his unmissable tone, there are those who are quick to point out when someone’s actions are deemed worthy of punishment and then there are those equally vocal on the opposing side of things.

Gina Carano’s Mandalorian fate would have seemed to be a major blow to her career aspirations. However, in the aftermath of the social media controversy surrounding the actress, Carano has indeed gone on to secure more work in the film industry. The actress has a central role in the western movie Terror on the Prarie, which is slated for release in June this year. This project is just one of several that Carano has lined up in the near future, but it is worth noting that none of these is of the stature of a Star Wars franchise piece. However, this does show signs that Carano’s career is slowly recovering following the fallout of her alleged claims on social media, despite this, Carano remains an avid user of the platform, and has continued to divide opinion.