Gina Carano Returning In The Mandalorian?

By Doug Norrie | 6 days ago

gina carano

Ever since her public firing from Disney, there is a certain contingent of fans who have wanted to get Gina Carano back on The Mandalorian as Cara Dune. She had become a fan-favorite character and stolen scenes in a number of different episodes. But off-camera issues led to her ouster and there have been no plans to bring her back for this next season. But according to Inside the Magic, that could be set to change in the future. There is still some hope Gina Carano could return for a fourth season of The Mandalorian if/when production on that starts. It would be an exciting prospect and something the Star Wars folks are possibly biding their time for. 

Inside the Magic admits that the sourcing on this Gina Carano return is weak at best, pointing a little more to fan sentiment and other bits and pieces of news that have come out about the series in the short term. For starters, The Mandalorian folks, including Jon Favreau have shown no indication they are going to recast the part of Cara Dune. For Gina Carano, this is a good sign because it leaves the door open to her returning at some point. Look, these galaxies are big places, and her character could easily walk away for an extended period of time and come back in some fashion later on if the pieces fell back into place. 

Additionally, there is a set to be a timeline jump in The Mandalorian Season 4 which would also help cure some of the plotting issues around an extended absence for Gina Carano. If the show is set to skip into the future seven years (as mentioned) then it wouldn’t be a heavy lift to concoct a story that would explain her absence. Again, this is all guesswork, but with the Gina Carano internet rumor mill ramping up, it’s good to think about how realistic a chance there is at something like this happening. The Mandalorian moving ahead timelines would put it about 12 years after the events of Return of the Jedi, and 18 years before The Force Awakens. 

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With most cancellations, especially ones like Gina Carano involving opinions rather than, say, crimes the further we get from the original “transgression” the more the general public just kind of moves on. It’s just the way of the cancellation world, so to speak, and there is some chance The Mandalorian folks are simply running out the clock here. It’s why they apparently won’t deal with her character having been killed in Season 3 and why they decided not to simply recast her. 

Now, what is working against Gina Carano in this scenario is that she hasn’t taken her foot off the social media gas of late, the original issue that saw her removed from The Mandalorian. Following a slew of Tweets and Instagram posts that, by some, were deemed controversial, she did go a bit overboard last spring when she likened the treatment of Jews leading into the Holocaust with the sentiment towards some around present-day Republicans. Following this, Disney fired her from her role and cut all ties. Maybe it was a small consolation that her episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls actually appeared on Disney+ meaning the Mouse House wasn’t fully erasing her. But that is still a long way from coming back as Cara Dune.