See Gina Carano Announce Her Role In A Hunter Biden Biopic

By Cristina Alexander | 14 seconds ago

gina carano hunter biden

Gina Carano seems to be a sucker or lightning rod for political controversies and scandals. The former star of The Mandalorian has an affinity for such affairs that she’s even making a movie about one of them. Carano announced in a video released on Thursday that she’s starring in a Hunter Biden biopic titled My Son Hunter.

My Son Hunter, directed by Robert Davi and currently filming in Serbia, is a biopic about the escapades of President Joe Biden’s youngest son and his scandalous business dealings and high-rolling party lifestyle. The film follows Hunter Biden, whose extravagant parties are funded by the tens of millions of dollars he acquired from foreign entities owned by Chinese, Ukrainian, and Russian oligarchs. Gina Carano announced that she has been cast to play a weary Secret Service agent who comments and at times narrates the outrageous life and partying lifestyle of the First Son of the United States. “She is a world-weary secret service agent present at most of the Biden family’s dodgy dealings,” producer Phelim McAleer told “She provides a voice of truth and Sardonic comedy over the absurd dealings of the Biden family and various Chinese, Russian, and Ukrainian oligarchs.”

Gina Carano joins Laurence Fox, who plays the titular jet-setter son of the sitting U.S. President, who is played by John James. In the minute-long video, Carano said that Fox is one of the most amazing human beings she ever met last year, and that she is excited to be working with him on the set of the biopic. Take a look at the video below to see what we mean.

My Son Hunter is not being distributed by any film company in Hollywood. Instead, its production is being crowdfunded through its official movie website because, according to the producers who set it up, “Hollywood won’t fund this movie, which is why we’re counting on you!” As of this writing, $1.6 million have been fundraised, which is 66% of the $2.5 million target.

Gina Carano and Laurence Fox were both “canceled” by their fans after they expressed their right-leaning views on social media. The former was doubly canceled by both her fans and Disney after she posted a tweet earlier this year in which she compared being persecuted for her conservative political views to being a Jewish person under Nazi rule during the Holocaust. Carano deleted the tweet after it stirred up controversy amongst her fans, but the damage to her mainstream Hollywood career was already done — Disney fired her from the cast of The Mandalorian in February. She had played the recurring role of Cara Dune

On the other hand, Laurence Fox, who comes from a long line of British TV and theater actors, claims to be anti-woke. In 2019, he said that he had been radicalized by YouTube videos about woke culture and political correctness, which got to the point where he created a new political party the next year called Reclaim. Last March, he announced his run for mayor in London, but lost with only 1.9% of the vote.

After getting cut off by Disney and her agency, Gina Carano entered the conservative filmmaking world starting with Terror on the Prairie, produced in collaboration with The Daily Wire and set for release in 2022. Before she got mired in controversy, she starred in Deadpool and the Fast & Furious franchise. She said Robert Davi was the first person to reach out to her after she got “canceled,” and that she’s excited to work with him on My Son Hunter.