Gina Carano Included In Emmy Nominations By Disney

By Hayden Mears | 1 month ago

gina carano cara dune

Anyone even vaguely aware of what’s going on in Hollywood knows that Gina Carano has had a rough year. Following months of controversial tweets, the Star Wars actress lost her role as Cara Dune in The Mandalorian, prompting Lucasfilm to wipe her existence from its continuity. Now, though, Disney seems to have decided to include her in its bid for a batch of major awards.

According to an official poster (via The Direct), Lucasfilm and Disney have included Gina Carano in their Emmy campaign. Specifically, they have put her forward for “Best Supporting Actress” for her work in The Mandalorian. This is big, and it will probably fuel even more heated discussion about whether or not the Mouse House was right to send her on her way.

Gina Carano’s inclusion in such an important awards campaign is bound to have Star Wars fans scratching their heads. It’s not exactly backpedaling, because she has not been rehired yet. However, it does fuel the confusion many were feeling about how The Mandalorian would move forward without her. She was by no means a throwaway character, so explaining her sudden absence would likely prove a greater challenge than the company realizes. For the longest time, the rumor was that Lucasfilm would be ignoring Cara Dune in everything Star Wars going forward. Now, their plans for her are even more unclear.

For those who may not know or are just now tuning in to the craziness, let’s quickly recap: Last year, Gina Carano came under fire for posting some…interesting things on her Twitter account. The hashtag #FireGinaCarano quickly started trending, and a push for her removal from Star Wars began in earnest. After months of “Will they, won’t they?,” Lucasfilm fired Carano in February, but the actress quickly pivoted and signed a deal with political commentator and The Daily Wire founder/editor Ben Shapiro. Under this new contract, Carano will be able to realize a dream she’s had for years: to make her own movie. Whether or not this film will see her doubling down on her beliefs or showing that she has grown past posting hateful things online remains to be seen.

Gina Carano played Rebel shock trooper Cara Dune in the first two seasons of The Mandalorian, often popping up to help Mando protect Grogu/The Child/Baby Yoda. She was a capable fighter and a fierce friend, and her involvement in Mando’s missions definitely saved all of their butts on numerous occasions. First appearing halfway through the show’s first season, she quickly became an important part of the show’s overarching story. The second season even set her up for her own spin-off. But her firing derailed any plans Disney and Lucasfilm may have had for the character’s future. Now, we do not know if Gina Carano will ever return to the role. Even if she doesn’t, it looks like Disney is still acknowledging her importance to the Star Wars mythos.

You can catch this year’s Emmy Awards ceremony when it airs on CBS and on Paramount+ on September 19 at 8 p.m. EST.