Gina Carano Gives In And Apologizes For Her Tweets?

By Doug Norrie | 4 months ago

gina carano mandalorian

Gina Carano has been at the center of some cancel-culture stuff lately with increasing speculation that her run on Disney+ would soon be coming to an end. But not so fast. There are rumors that Carano is working to hold onto her role in the Star Wars universe and even shooting for loftier goals as well. This has led to some reports from insider Daniel Richtman that Carano apologized behind the scenes for her recent comments in the hopes that she’ll headline a show of her own in the near future.

The news of a Gina Carano apology isn’t in the public eye but apparently went down behind closed doors with Disney executives. So there’s some chance it’s much ado about nothing. That being said, it would make sense if Carano is working to maintain her role of Cara Dune on The Mandalorian while also angling for a spin-off show centered around the popular character. If an apology was a route to making that happen then I suspect most would follow the same path. 

Gina Carano ran afoul of the cancel-culture mob back in the late fall when she sent out a number of different tweets that apparently called the validity of the US Presidential Election into question. Along with these came some messaging that implied derision around mask-wearing in the Covid-19 pandemic. Among many The Mandalorian fans this was met with considerable backlash and more than a few called for her ouster from the show. 

Gina Carano Mandalorian

Rather than walk back the comments at the time, Gina Carano instead doubled and tripled down on them. She refused to apologize and clapped back at those trying to get her fired. Carano repeated her claims about election fraud, stating that she wanted to be a voice for others and would do so even if it got her fired

Rumors were off and on during the fall and winter about whether Gina Carano still had a role on the show or in the Star Wars franchise. Some speculated that Disney executives weren’t happy with her stances. But there was also a feeling that Jon Favreau, who’s calling a lot of the shots in this franchise, couldn’t care less about political leanings and was happy to have her back. 

Perhaps the most notable piece of “information” around Gina Carano having a future in The Mandalorian came when they released promotional material for the much-anticipated third season. Carano was notably absent from the character lineup even though she is among the most recognizable and popular characters on the show. This led to the speculation that her days were numbered and she could be recast or replaced

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If Gina Carano did, in fact, offer an apology to Disney executives about her comments then there could be a path to moving past all of this and green-lighting a Cara Dune program. With the sheer amount of Star Wars shows set to hit Disney+, it’s clear there are more than a few angles to take things. And the studio clearly wants to have as much franchise material as possible. But that apology might have to be also a public one if the studio is concerned about things from a PR perspective. 

I’m sure we will continue to hear more about this Gina Carano news considering the story has now been out there for the better part of four months, including during The Mandalorian’s Season 2 finale. My hunch is that she’s back in the fold when things start back up for Season 3 with this apology potentially being the first step in getting back into the studio’s good graces.