Gina Carano Action Figures Just Got Way More Expensive

Gina Carano might have been fired from The Mandalorian, but toys in her likeness are selling like crazy. Cara Dune figurines are trading at peak levels

By Doug Norrie | Updated

gina carano

Gina Carano might be learning that the old adage “any publicity is good publicity” applies to her. The actress has been nothing but under fire over the last many months stemming from a series of controversial tweets and eventually getting fired from her gig at Disney. But even with all of the bad press and loss of employment, the actress hasn’t seemed to miss a beat. And now there’s news that even toys in her likeness are ticking up in value. That’s right, Cara Dune action figures are skyrocketing in price

After Gina Carano was fired from The Mandalorian and other Star Wars productions, Disney went about making sure they removed the Cara Dune completely from the promotional material and other related marketing pieces. One of those moves was to coordinate with Hasbro to discontinue the Black Series 6” Cara Dune action figure. Typically, at a local retail store, these figures ranged from around $20-$25 dollars. Well not anymore. Scarcity makes the wallet’s heart grow fonder and on the word that they were being taken off shelves, some advantageous folks started grabbing them up. 

Now, one of the only places to get Gina Carano in action figure form is on Ebay. And on the auction site, the price is climbing steadily. A quick search of Black Series options has the price sitting anywhere from $140 dollars on up. Because these will almost assuredly be the last ones ever created (Carano ain’t walking back through that door) they are becoming collector’s items right before our very eyes. It’s amazing. And if the prices are going this way now, it’s likely they only continue to rise. Sometimes controversy is just the thing to make a talking point around collectibles. Star Wars fans might have wanted Carano gone, but collectors know where the bread is buttered. 

Gina Carano Cara Dune

Gina Carano ended her tenure as Cara Dune on the Disney+ hit The Mandalorian a couple of weeks ago when she was fired from the production. For the studio, it may have been a long time coming considering the actress was embroiled in a publicity nightmare for the studio. She’d made several controversial comments around the Presidential election and the Covid-19 pandemic which had drawn the ire of many fans. Then, there was a comparison between the treatment of Republicans and those of Jews during the Holocaust. This reference spelled the end of her time with Disney and she was fired. The franchise will move on in a different direction now without her or the character. 

Whether Gina Carano ever gets another action figure remains to be seen. After her Disney ouster, she was immediately signed by The Daily Wire to join their new production wing. She will star and produce a movie, though the details aren’t immediately known. Judging by her background, it will no doubt have an action element to it. But will she ever get a figurine that’s going to big bucks on Ebay again? Probably not. Or at least not unless it’s created and then immediately discontinued.