Best Gerard Butler Movies To Stream On Netflix Right Now

By Rick Gonzales | Published

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Best Gerard Butler Movies on Netflix Right Now

It may seem that actor Gerard Butler is taking a page out of the Liam Neeson handbook of How to Become an Action Movie Star, and while Butler does have a number of action films under his belt, his career has been quite prolific. He has starred in a James Bond film, opposite Jennifer Aniston in an action comedy, went back in time in Michael Crichton’s Timeline, and even dusted off the pipes to play (and sing) in the musical film version of Phantom of the Opera, as the Phantom.

As an action star, most of Gerard Butler’s films have been mediocre to quite entertaining. It does not appear that his choice to become an action star will be ending soon as 2023 has already seen him in Plane with Butler next starring in K

The Vanishing (2018)

The Vanishing is a psychological thriller based on the 1900 disappearance of three Flannan Isles Lighthouse keepers. The mystery surrounding the disappearance has never been solved, though the film does offer up its own explanation.

The Vanishing uses the real names of the men involved in the 1900 disappearance with Gerard Butler starring as one of the three keepers, James Ducat. Peter Mullan is the second keeper, Thomas Marshall, while the third, Donald McArthur is played by Connor Swindells.

The story tells of the three men who arrive on the Flannan Isles for their six-week run as the lighthouse’s keepers. Things immediately go astray for the trio when, after a storm, a small boat with a wooden chest and a body washes up on shore.

After a brief inspection of what appears to be a dead man, they are surprised when he wakes and attacks Donald, prompting Donald to defend himself, killing the man in the process. The movie then delves into what could have caused the disappearance as the men become more and more suspicious of each other, especially now that the chest has been opened and its contents revealed.

Kristoffer Nyholm directed the film from a script written by Celyn Jones and Joe Bone.

Gamer (2009)

Gerard Butler stars in Gamer, a familiar-sounding film written and directed by Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor. The movie has Butler playing John “Kable” Tillman, a death-row prisoner who has become a participant in an online game called Slayers. This is a game where participants can control humans as players and manipulate their every move.

Kable has become a crowd favorite because he has survived 27 matches. If he hits 30, he will earn his freedom. Logan Lerman is Simon, a 17-year-old rich brat who is the sole controller over Kable. Michael C. Hall is Ken Castle, the creator and richest man in the world, and stars alongside Amber Valletta, Terry Crews, Chris Ludacris Bridges, John Leguizamo, Zoë Bell, and Kyra Sedgwick. The film, when released in theaters in 2009, did not get much traction. Since it jumped to Netflix, Gamer has found a bigger audience.

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London Has Fallen (2016)

London Has Fallen is the second film in the Fallen Trilogy that sees Gerard Butler return as everyone’s favorite agent, Mike Banning. This time not only does Secret Service agent Banning have to protect his own President, but he must somehow try to prevent terrorists from taking out all the world leaders of the G7. These leaders have gathered together in London after the sudden death of the British Prime Minister.

Back for a second go around again as United States President Benjamin Asher is Aaron Eckhart. He was in the first film in the series, Olympus Has Fallen. Also back for the sequel is Morgan Freeman as Vice President Allan Trumball, who plays an important part when the series moves to the third film.

Joining those three are Angela Bassett, Robert Forster, Jackie Earle Haley, Melissa Leo, and Radha Mitchell. Babak Najafi directed Gerard Butler in this action thriller from a script written by a quartet of writers.

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Last Seen Alive (2022)

Continuing on with his action-adventure career, Gerard Butler goes into familiar territory with Last Seen Alive, a film written by Marc Frydman and directed by Brian Goodman. This familiar tale has Butler playing Will Spann, who is driving his estranged wife, Lisa (Jaimie Alexander) to her parent’s home so she can get some time to herself. On the way, they stop for gas and Lisa goes inside to grab a bottle of water. She never comes out.

After a thorough search of the gas station store, Will drives to Lisa’s parents’ home on the chance that she has decided to finish the trip on her own, but Lisa is nowhere to be found. When the police arrive, Will immediately becomes a suspect in the disappearance. Now Will must somehow prove his innocence while trying to find out who took his wife and why.

Russell Hornsby stars as Detective Paterson and Ethan Embry plays Knuckles.

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How To Train Your Dragon (2010)

You won’t see Gerard Butler in the 2010 animated hit, How to Train Your Dragon, but you sure will hear him. Butler is part of a large voice cast that includes Jay Baruchel, America Ferrera, Craig Ferguson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Jonah Hill, T.J Miller, Kristen Wiig, and David Tennant.

Butler voices Stoick the Vast, chieftain of Berk and the father to Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III, voiced by Baruchel. The story follows Hiccup, whose desire is to become a mighty dragon slayer, but being undersized does not help his quest. He does, though, have a knack for inventions, one that ends up shooting down a rare and dangerous Night Fury dragon. Unable to finish the deed, Hiccup lets the dragon go.

Eventually, both Hiccup and Toothless (Hiccup’s name for the dragon) meet up again and soon discover they have a lot more in common than they first thought. Chris Sanders and Dean DeBois directed this hit film and also co-wrote the script with Will Davies.

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