See Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo Face Off in Insane Copshop Trailer

By Kristi Eckert | 13 seconds ago

gerard butler

Fans who have been itching to see Gerard Butler on the big screen again will be delighted to know that an official trailer for his new action-flick, Copshop, just dropped on Youtube. The trailer features Gerard Butler, and his co-star Frank Grillo come head-to-head in an array of simultaneously action-packed and witty scenes. 

According to Deadline, who obtained the exclusive scoop on the upcoming film, Gerard Butler plays a highly-skilled assassin who seemingly has a vendetta to settle with a dodgy con artist (Frank Grillo) and will stop at nothing to track him down. Additionally, Giant Freakin’ Robot revealed just one month ago that the majority of the film would take place in a single small-town police station. See the trailer where the pair face off below.

In addition to starring Gerard Butler alongside Frank Grillo, the movie was directed by Joe Carnahan and co-written by Carnahan, Kurt McLeod, and Mark Williams. Carnahan was well known for his work as executive producer on the exceedingly successful TV show, The Black List. Gerard Butler’s new action film certainly seems unique and has definitely piqued the interest of fans. Many commented on the YouTube trailer that they are looking forward to it, but they might have needed to wait longer to see it had it not been for its producers. Open Road Films produced the new movie. They are one of the few studios to relentlessly work through the pandemic, despite the risks. They continued working even after their production was halted when several cast members contracted COVID. All of this work was done in order to get Copshop into theaters this fall.

The studios’ reasoning for pushing production forward amongst unprecedented circumstances was largely based on the anticipation that society would start to normalize around the time the Gerard Butler film hit theaters. Even though the wisdom behind their decision to keep working is widely debatable, they did accomplish their intended release window. Copshop is set to release in theaters on September 17th. 

frank grillo
Frank Grillo

The performance of CopShop in movie theaters will be a gamble. There are still many folks who are hesitant to resume their regular theater-going pre-pandemic activities. However, one thing that it does have going for it, besides starring the very talented Gerard Butler and Frank Grillo, is that it looks like it will have little in the way of genre competition. The only other movie set to have a broad theatrical release the same week is Clifford The Big Red Dog, and it is likely safe to assume that both movies are targeting wildly different audiences. 

Fans will have to wait just a little while longer to see Gerard Butler portray a deadly assassin. However, Copshop isn’t the only reason that Butler has been in the news as of late. He seems to be following in the footsteps of other Hollywood icons and taking a stand in court against studios that breached actor contracts and released movies on streaming platforms alongside their theatrical releases, which effectively prevented the stars of those films from receiving profits that were owed to them. Gerard Butler, in particular, has filed a lawsuit regarding the revenue that he lost from his movie Olympus Has Fallen. The outcome of the lawsuit still remains to be seen.